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					                         STREAM Designer Letter of Interest

     Project Title:    HVAC Upgrades (Science, English & Jr ROTC Buildings)
         Agency:       Department of Education
         Facility:     Alvin C York Institute
Project Location:      Jamestown, Fentress County, Tennessee

Letter of Interest is to be limited to a total of 4 pages. Past evaluations or letters of reference (limited to 3)
can be in addition to the 4 pages. Submittal shall be provided as a single PDF document.

A.      Project Contact
1. Firm name, address, and website:

2. Contact name, address, phone number, and email:

B.      Project Experience
1. Summary of your project team’s expertise to address the scope of the project and work within a
   school environment with multiple buildings:

2. List and provide brief descriptions of up to 5 projects of similar scope & funding, completed within the
   past 5 years including experience in meeting project budgets, schedules and project programs:

3. List of up to the last 5 state projects previously awarded: SBC No., title, description, agency, project
   value and the year completed:

C.      Services
1. Qualified regional designers for regional projects are desired. Proximity, in miles, of project team to
   the project and familiarity with the area where project is located: *A middle Tennessee Designer is
   desired this project.

2. Proposed project administration capabilities and approach:

3. The role, qualifications, and office location of proposed project team:

4. The role and qualifications of, and previous experience with proposed consultant(s):

D.      General
1. Current and proposed firm work load: (provide current list of projects in DDP/CDP and in Construction
   phase). Owner is seeking a firm who can devote ample time to providing quality execution of the

2. Record of past evaluations on State projects that your firm has completed. If no or limited prior State
   projects, letters of reference on completed non-State projects will be considered:

3. Record of any ongoing litigation or disputes, and any contracts terminated for cause:

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