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					                 The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc. (ETAQ)
                                   ABN: 17 664 872 321

                            ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011

       The Power of Persuasion        Saturday 19 March 2011
                                         Stuartholme School
                                     Birdwood Terrace, Toowong
The context
This year will see many schools grappling with how to integrate the Australian English Curriculum seamlessly
as well as prepare students for changes to NAPLAN testing. The keynote address as well as the many
workshops provided by practising teachers in this seminar will provide ideas and opportunities for discussion
to facilitate this process.

                          Keynote Address                 Presenter:
                             World Changing               Alison Robertson
                                                          President, SAETA (South Australian English
                           Teaching the power
                                                          Teachers Association)
                           of speech within an
                            integrated English            Currently President of SAETA, Alison has
                                program of                presented many workshops at state and national
                           Language, Literature           conferences as well as convening and presenting
                               and Literacy               at the annual SAETA Refresher Course for Year
                                                          12 English teachers and Exam Preparation
                                                          Evening for students. She recently completed her
                                                          Graduate Certificate in Neuroscience (Learning)
                                                          and is enthusiastic about applying the latest
                                                          discoveries in brain research to her teaching
The Australian English Curriculum talks about the         practice, as well as debunking neuromyths.
importance of integrating all three elements of
Language, Literature and Literacy in our teaching,
without many indications of how teachers can                       Time                        Activity
actually achieve it. This presentation provides an        From 8:30                Registration & tea/coffee
example of a unit of work for a Year 10 English
class which I hope exemplifies how this can be            8:45 – 9:25              ETAQ AGM
done.                                                     9:30 – 10:40             Keynote address & discussion
Using varied speeches ranging from                        10:40 – 11:10            Morning tea
Shakespeare’s Henry V, to those of Winston
Churchill, Tim Collins, Rose Scott and Martin                                            Workshop sessions
Luther King, students engage in a study of the            11:10 – 1:05                       3 x 35 mins
language devices at work in these world-changing                                   or 1 x 75 mins and 1 x 35 mins
speeches. In doing so they also explore their
literary qualities and the values they                            11:10 – 11:45   Workshop session 1
communicate, and furthermore hone their literacy
skills in decoding and producing written and oral                 11:50 – 12:25   Workshop session 2
texts themselves for authentic audiences and                       12:30 – 1:05   Workshop session 3
                                                              This activity constitutes 3 hours & 5 minutes of
                                                               Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
                                                                 Travel note: The Great Circle Bus (599) from
                                                                    Indooroopilly stops below Stuartholme.

                 ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011. The registration form is on the last page.
                 The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc. (ETAQ)
                                   ABN: 17 664 872 321
Workshop Sessions
 11:10 -     11:50 –     12:30 –
  11:45       12:25       1:05
                                                       Topic                         Presenter/s        Room
Workshop    Workshop    Workshop
session 1   session 2   session 3

                                    A. Aristotle Meets Functional Grammar:
                                                                                  Lindsay Williams
                                       Key Elements of Effective Persuasion

                                    B. Some Aspects of the Language of
                                                                                  Garry Collins

                                    C. Introducing the Children’s Literature
                                                                                  Cheri Allen
                                       Digital Resource Project (CLDR).

                                    D. Jumping through Hoops to Success in
                                                                                  Matthew Rigby
                                       the Year 12 QCS Test SR Subtest

                                    E. Guilty Pleasures: Towards the
                                       Enjoyment of the Coercive and the          Deb Sara
                                    F.   “Words, words, words!”: Strategies for
                                         Teaching Persuasion in Secondary         Natalie Fong
                                    G. Contextualised Grammar: can we move
                                       towards “A Grammar of Assent”, rather      Peter Webb
                                       than grammars of dissent?

                                    H. Persuasive Communication----Spoken         Kevin Ryan and
 75 min – 2 sessions
                                       and Written*                               Adrian Pauley

                                                                                  Joanna Gardiner
 75 min – 2 sessions                I.   Jamming with Dead Poets*                 and Virginia

                                    J.   Persuasive Talk: Teaching Debating
 75 min – 2 sessions                                                              Kelli McGraw
                                         and Public Speaking*

                                    K. An Autobiographical Excerpt as a           Shauna O’Connor
             75 min – 2 sessions
                                       Written Multimodal Text*                   and Anita Jetnikoff

                                    L.   Integrating Language, Literature and
             75 min – 2 sessions         Literacy in a Poetry Unit to Engage      Alison Robertson
                                         Students and Improve Outcomes*
                                    M. Understanding the Techniques of
             75 min – 2 sessions       Persuasion: Activities in Resisting        Suzanne Harrison
                                       Propaganda in a Democratic Society*

1. The program after morning tea provides for 3 x 35 minute sessions.
2. Sessions marked with an asterisk are 75 minute sessions and run over two of the three time slots.
3. The shaded boxes indicate when a session will run. If all three boxes are shaded, that session will be
   repeated three times.
4. A map showing room locations is on Page 7.
5. Some sessions are repeated. If the room is full, please make another selection.

                 ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011. The registration form is on the last page.
                   The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc. (ETAQ)
                                     ABN: 17 664 872 321

Details of the workshop sessions on offer are shown below. Participants will have the opportunity to attend three short
(35 minute) sessions or one longer, 75 minute one and one 35 minute one.
                                                                 Workshop Session C
Workshop Session A                                               Introducing the Children’s Literature
Aristotle Meets Functional Grammar: Key                          Digital Resource Project (CLDR).
Elements of Effective Persuasion                                 Abstract
Abstract                                                         The Children’s Literature Digital Resource Project
                                                                 (CLDR) brings together online over 500 early Australian
Preparing a logically organised argument supported by            children’s texts spanning the period from 1851 to 1945.
evidence and data is not sufficient for effective                The first part of the session will provide participants with
persuasion. In this workshop, participants will be               a general introduction to this valuable and exciting
introduced to three rhetorical appeals (Kennedy 2007):           resource. This will be followed by an examination of a
ethos, logos and pathos. Then, through the close study           number of persuasive texts with pointers on how these
of a sample hortatory exposition, we’ll explore how the          texts could be used in the classroom alongside more
resources provided by Systemic Functional Grammar                contemporary examples.
can be deployed to successfully implement each of
these appeals. The workshop will conclude with a brief           Presenter
summary of practical implications for preparing students
                                                                 Dr Cherie Allan has been a teacher of English,
for NAPLAN 2011.
                                                                 Geography, History and SOSE over a period of
Presenter                                                        approximately 20 years. She has taught in state,
                                                                 independent and Catholic schools across Queensland,
Lindsay Williams taught in state and private schools             South Australia and Victoria. Cherie recently completed
for 25 years, has his own educational consultancy                a PhD in the field of children’s literature and is currently
business and teaches pre-service English teachers at             a Research Assistant on the CLDR Project working at
the University of Queensland. He has been Vice-                  QUT.
President of ETAQ and is a recipient of the Peter
Botsman Memorial Award for contributions to English in
Queensland. Currently, he is in the (very) early stages
of a PhD. using multimodal analysis as a tool for
                                                                 Workshop Session D
exploring the interpersonal work of performers.                  Jumping through Hoops to Success in the
Workshop Session B                                               Year 12 QCS Test SR Subtest
Some Aspects of the Language of                                  Abstract
Persuasion                                                       This seminar will concentrate on the 49 Common
                                                                 Curriculum Elements of the Year 12 QCS Test and the
                                                                 importance of persuasive and compare-contrast
With some assistance from Monty Python this short                paragraphs, poetry analysis and visual literacy in the
session will explore some of the language                        Short Response (SR) subtest. It will deal with how
characteristics to be found in persuasive texts. The idea        English and literacy teachers can embed the teaching
is that students can be guided to make more informed             of expository writing and visual literacy in Years 7 to 11.
choices in composing their own persuasive texts if they
are made explicitly aware of the grammatical patterns
and aspects of vocabulary choice that have been                  Matthew Rigby teaches part time in secondary History
deployed in effective sample texts. It is hoped to               curriculum and grammar at Queensland University of
demonstrate how the explicit teaching of grammar in              Technology Kelvin Grove. He has taught for 20 years in
context required by the new K-10 Australian English              state and independent schools. He was a key immerser
Curriculum might be enacted in classrooms. The main              in the Years 11 and 12 QCS Test Preparation programs
focus will be on written texts and examples will be              at Whitsunday Anglican School Mackay, Rockhampton
drawn from both literature and the mass media.                   Grammar School and The Southport School. He now
                                                                 runs an independent literacy consultancy business that
Presenter                                                        works with staff and students in more than 30 state,
Garry Collins started teaching in 1969 and was an                Catholic and independent schools.
English Department Head for over 30 years, first at              Workshop Session E
Gladstone SHS and then at Ferny Grove SHS. During
the 90s he had year-long exchanges to high schools in            Guilty Pleasures: Towards the Enjoyment
Oregon and Ontario. In recent years he has taught
                                                                 of the Coercive and the Persuasive
introductory courses in functional grammar at QUT and
Griffith University. Now retired from Education                  Abstract
Queensland, he is currently a part-time teacher-
educator at the Australian Catholic University’s Banyo           In the introduction persuasion will be cleared defined in
campus.                                                          contrast to - i.e., as different from - the argumentative
                                                                 genre. This difference will be stressed as a starting

                   ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011. The registration form is on the last page.
                    The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc. (ETAQ)
                                      ABN: 17 664 872 321
Furthermore adolescent engagement with visual                      my fourth year teaching secondary English and History
communication will be exploited, by focusing on                    at Citipointe Christian College. I have a blog about
Youtube videos. The ad and the spoof of an ad on                   teaching where I post reflections, resources and
Youtube will be used to engage students. Adolescents               reviews:
have always enjoyed spoofing or parodying ads.
                                                                   Workshop Session G
Ads will be introduced as examples of persuasion,
using the clear definition of persuasion presented in the          Contextualised Grammar: can we move
introduction.                                                      towards “A Grammar of Assent”, rather
It will be shown that by parodying an ad (and filming              than grammars of dissent?
their own parody) students use a process which                     Abstract
involves higher order thinking in that the parody
requires students first to deconstruct the ad. Kids can            A recent article by Garry Collins in ETAQ's journal
do this. They don't need to be taught by a teacher. They           Words'Worth raised the possibility that the contested
can teach each other by working together. It is generally          terrain of grammar, sometimes represented in the
found that kids get it. It is a higher order process but           media as a battle between proponents of Functional
they get it.                                                       and “Traditional” grammars, might see a reconciliation.
                                                                   Certainly, this workshop argues, this would be to the
By analysing the parody of their own or one of their
                                                                   benefit of teachers of English and their students who
class mates they arrive at a deep and more conscious
                                                                   have varying degrees of competence and confidence in
understanding of how the original ad functioned as
                                                                   the uses of grammar for improvement in writing and
persuasion. In the analysis critical literacy is inevitably
                                                                   speaking. Recent UK research by Debra Myhill has
employed. Egg, students are required to ask "what is
                                                                   focused on the contextualisation of grammar teaching
the ad and parody asking me to believe or persuading
                                                                   into teachers’ classroom work, especially in writing;
me to do, think or believe?"
                                                                   however, the issue of stand-alone approaches to
Presenter                                                          spelling, grammar and punctuation, especially with the
                                                                   growing hegemony of NAPLAN testing, is also a
Deb Sara is presently teaching English at the Brisbane             challenging one.
School of Distance Education. She has taught both
English and Art for many years and has a Master of                 The Australian national curriculum papers in English
Visual Art degree. The latter equips her to appreciate             nominate explicit attention to grammar, as recent state
then role of visual literacy in English teaching - including       documents have also done. Outstanding professional
in persuasion. In her time at BSDE Deb has taken a key             development, including by Lindsay Williams, Pat
role in developing a print course for Senior English in            Hipwell and Kay Bishop, has assisted many
which she helped move the school on in relation to the             Queensland teachers in the uses of grammar. In
embrace of critical literacy.                                      today’s workshop, a model for Contextualised Grammar
                                                                   is offered that presents three approaches looked at
Current challenges which Deb is engaged in include the             collectively: the place of CRITIQUE in grammar; the
explicit teaching of literacy at all levels, and the               place of RULES in grammar; and COACHING in
pedagogies associated with ICT. She has her ICT                    grammar. This workshop offers practical strategies for
Pedagogical Licence and has been delivering web                    the contextualisation of grammar in ways that respect
lessons and BlackBoard Courses in recent years.                    teachers’ desires and abilities.
BSDE is constantly building a curriculum in three sub-
schools, a curriculum which is not only online but also            Presenter
employs cutting edge ICT driven pedagogies. Deb
                                                                   Peter Webb is Academic Coordinator English at
hopes to be part of such a curriculum development
                                                                   Chisholm Catholic College, Cornubia. His article,
team this year in Middle School English.
                                                                   NAPLAN: the possibilities of creative subversion,
Workshop Session F                                                 appeared in the Summer 2010 issue of Principal
                                                                   Matters. He is to present a paper on the role of the
“Words, words, words!”: Strategies for                             Head of Department English in a Time of National
Teaching Persuasion in Secondary                                   Testing at the April 2011 IFTE Conference in Auckland
English                                                            NZ.

                                                                   Workshop Session H
To understand and apply persuasive techniques, we
must first look to the basic building blocks of                    Persuasive Communication----Spoken and
communication – words. Whether consciously or
subconsciously, the words we choose “colour” our
speaking and writing. We can use words to sway                     Abstract
people’s opinions. We can use words to move people to
positive or negative acts. This workshop will present              The Persuasive Oral – or a variation of it- is one of the
some practical strategies for teaching persuasion –                most commonly set oral assignments in Queensland
persuasive speeches in junior secondary, and rhetoric              Schools. This workshop will assist teachers who want to
and propaganda in 1984 for senior secondary.                       learn the latest and most effective techniques to use in
                                                                   teaching this genre. It will also show how these skills of
Presenter: Natalie Fong                                            persuasion can be incorporated into the written format.
I’ve been working with young people in England and                 You will find out:
Australia in various capacities for about 9 years. This is
                     ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011. The registration form is on the last page.
                   The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc. (ETAQ)
                                     ABN: 17 664 872 321
   How to introduce Classroom Practice Activities,
    Audience Analysis, Speech Planning and
    Construction, Delivery Skills and the Use of                 Workshop Session J
    Narrative.                                                   Persuasive Talk: Teaching Debating and
   Strategies to introduce Variations on the                    Public Speaking
    Persuasive Oral such as Sales Presentation, The
    Advertising Pitch and The Persuasion of Literature.          Abstract

   How to teach students the skills of speaking in              This workshop is designed to provide an overview of
    impromptu situations enhancing their ability to              debating basics for those who have not taught debating
    participate in the classroom.                                before (or for those who are seeking a refresher) as
                                                                 well as ideas and strategies for improving the
Presenter                                                        performance of your debaters and public speakers.
                                                                 The presentation will include a discussion of how
Kevin Ryan & Adrian Pauley have over 15 years                    integrating debating and close study of spoken texts
experience teaching students the skills and techniques           into the classroom can engage students in the study of
for successful oral presentations. They have distilled           rhetorical devices, specific spoken language features,
this experience into strategies that can be used in the          and concepts such as modality. A mixture of whole-
classroom - by any teacher. They have co-authored the            class and team-based activities will be provided.
following books: Speaking Out, Speaking and Debating
with Style, Primary Speaking and Listening and CDs               Presenter
Speak Well and Teaching the Persuasive Oral.
                                                                 Kelli McGraw is a Lecturer in Secondary English
Workshop Session I                                               Curriculum at the Queensland University of Technology
                                                                 (Australia). She had previously been an English
Jamming with Dead Poets                                          teacher in South Western Sydney and has recently
                                                                 completed her doctoral thesis on the innovations and
                                                                 challenges observed in the implementation of the 1999
I will share a Year 11 unit of work on nineteenth century        NSW HSC English syllabus.
poetry and journalistic writing. For assessment,
students assume the role of music journalists and must
                                                                 Workshop Session K
write a feature-length review of an imagined album of            An Autobiographical Excerpt as a Written
songs whose lyrics are, in fact, 'classic' poems. The unit
involves a study of Romantic and Victorian poetry (for
                                                                 Multimodal Text
example, the poems of Blake, Shelley, Browning, and              Abstract
Tennyson) and its cultural and historical underpinnings.
We explore the aesthetic qualities and the relevance of          Anita will outline the professional learning in-service
'classic' poems to today's adolescents, also considering         that she conducted at Brigidine College last year,
the way poetic language and technique affect our                 demonstrating Year 11 students could create a
appreciation of the poems. There are many 'real-life'            multimodal presentation on an autobiographical excerpt
examples of poetry adapted to song, including Rufus              from Mao’s Last Dancer. Shauna will then show and
Wainwright's renditions of Shakespeare's sonnets, Iron           discuss some of the student work that Year 11 girls at
Maiden's versions of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'            Brigidine College produced.
and 'Jerusalem', and Jah Wobble's interpretations of
William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience.
Students read a selection of album reviews published in          Dr Anita Jetnikoff is a senior lecturer in English
such journals as Rolling Stone or Uncut, noting the              Curriculum Studies within the School of Cultural and
ways music journalists use language to position and              Language Studies in Education at QUT. Anita has
persuade readers to accept their assessment of an                particular interests in creative pedagogies, and the uses
album. Another objective of this unit is to develop              of digital media and popular culture and literature in the
vocabulary and to add to students' repertoire of writing         English Curriculum.
skills in preparation for our Year 12 English unit on
feature articles, Orwell's 1984 and the power of                 Shauna O’Connor is English Coordinator at Brigidine
language.                                                        College, Indooroopilly. Shauna has been an English
                                                                 HOD in Education Qld schools and has worked as a
Presenters                                                       part time tutor and lecturer in English curriculum studies
                                                                 at QUT, UQ and Griffith University
Joanna Gardiner is Head of English at Somerville
House. She has taught English and English Extension              Workshop Session L
(Literature) for many years. She is also a co-author of
several textbooks, including the Nelson Queensland               Integrating Language, Literature and
English series, the Shakespeare Unplugged series and             Literacy in a Poetry Unit to Engage
the most recent edition of Look it Up.                           Students and Improve Outcomes
Virginia Ayliffe is a teacher of English at Somerville
House. As well as teaching English for many years, she
is a co-author of several textbooks, including the               I am passionate about making the new Australian
Shakespeare Unplugged series and NAPLAN resource                 Curriculum work successfully for our students. In this
books published by A+ National.                                  workshop I will attempt to show how integrating the
                                                                 three strands of Language, Literature and Literacy in a

                    ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011. The registration form is on the last page.
                       The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc. (ETAQ)
                                         ABN: 17 664 872 321
poetry unit of work is not only possible but essential in       citizens of the nation - can be educated to recognise,
our English classrooms. Moreover, it can lead to both           understand and resist the techniques of persuasion.
engagement and more skilled, knowledgeable students
who are aware of the techniques they can exploit when
creating their own texts after closely analysing and
appreciating the various texts they have studied.
Presenter: Alison Robertson
Alison is the keynote speaker for this conference. You
can read her bio on the front page of this flyer.

Workshop Session M
Understanding the Techniques of
Persuasion: Activities in Resisting
Propaganda in a Democratic Society
Rationale: In a democratic society, freedom of
speech may expose the populace to ideological
manipulation. Possible measures to prevent such
manipulation are:

    1.     To enact laws suppressing texts deemed
            ideologically manipulative (thus effectively
            nullifying free speech).
    2.     To give people the skills to resist
            propaganda by developing their
            understanding of the techniques of

For those of us who value freedom of speech, the
second is the far more acceptable option.
Activities to develop skills in recognising,
understanding and resisting the various
techniques of persuasion are the focus of this

Activities: Developing skills in recognising,
understanding and resisting persuasive
techniques such as the use of:

        Appeals to emotion rather than to reason.
         Such appeals often target our baser
         emotions: greed, envy, vindictiveness,
         xenophobia etc.
        Logical fallacies such as argumentam ad
         hominem and the either/ or fallacy.
        Half-truths (relevant information supporting a
         different view is omitted).
        Statistics (“lies, damned lies and statistics”).
         The way NAPLAN data is interpreted by the
         My School website is a prime example.

Suzanne Harrison taught in Queensland schools for
many years and now works as a private English tutor
and freelance writer. Concerned at how easily people
can fall prey to propaganda even in democracies, she is
particularly interested in how students – the future

                       ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011. The registration form is on the last page.
     The English Teachers Association of Queensland Inc. (ETAQ)
                       ABN: 17 664 872 321

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     ETAQ Saturday Seminar 1-2011. The registration form is on the last page.

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