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									                               Request for Expression of Interest

                                Project Support Unit (PSU)
                    Afghanistan Justice Service Delivery Project (AJSDP)
                             Translation and Reporting Officer

Project Summary

1. The JSDP is a 5-year, ARTF funded operation. The estimated cost of the project is US$ 85.5

2. The project will support the Afghan Government’s National Priority Program (NPP) namely:
(a) Access to Justice: to expand the quality and the quantity of judicial service delivery to
Afghans; (b) Improved Services: to raise the quantitative and qualitative technical capacities of
the institutional service providers; (c) Improved Technical Capacity: to raise the quantitative and
qualitative technical capacities of the institutional service providers; and (d) Institutional
Strengthening: to build the capacity of the JI through a comprehensive, management-oriented
organizational development.

3. The project will also align with two other ARTF funded projects: the Afghanistan Capacity
Building for Results Facility (CBR) Project and with the Support for Programmatic Resource
Growth Corridor Development project (SPRGRD). The CBR project is intended to increase the
capacity of government to deliver essential services and implement national priority programs,
while addressing the over-reliance on external technical assistance. CBR will offer support in
the form of TA, training, and the financing of higher than P&G salaries for staff in key posts.
This will be contingent upon and linked to agreed service delivery and reform targets. The JSDP
will aim to leverage the resources available through CBR to both incentivize and augment the
impact of MoJ reform plans, and sequencing of reforms to departments, personnel management,
human capacity and organizational management will be synchronized with the ministry’s
anticipated CBR proposal.

4. To this end, the JSDP will finance TA to assist in the MoJ with its application for Tier 2
(which MoJ aims to achieve by mid 2013) and Tier 1 support (which MoJ aims to achieve by
2016). Reforms at the SC and the AGO will similarly have at their core a focus on sustainability
and fiscal responsibility while maximizing service delivery. They, however, will not formally be
attached to the CBR. SPRGRD is intended to support the creation of a resource corridor
anchored around Aynak and later Hajigak, through analytical work and catalytic investments into
private sector and community development. The project will work closely with other donors
already active in this field. In order to avoid any potential overlap and to ensure that all resources
are leveraged effectively, the project will complement ongoing interventions in the justice sector
such as those of USAID, UNDP, US State Department and others.

5. In response to the ‘lessons learned’ under Phase 1 AJSRP, the project design has been
tailored to reflect the implementation capacities of the JI. Funding allocations, in contrast to the
previous project, are differentiated based upon the capacity of JI to disburse funds and manage
project implementation activities. Consequently, MoJ is allocated the largest sum of funding,
approximately US$32 million, primarily to fund the development and expansion of critical Legal
Aid services under Component 2, and also for the construction of a new HQ building under
Component 3. The SC is allocated approximately US$20 million for its activities and works, and
the AGO US$11 million. Incentives for stronger performance have also been built into the
project design. These are designed to create a clear and measurable link between effective
achievement of critical outputs at mid-term, and the allocation of subsequent tranches of funding
to those institutions. These interim results are detailed in the Project Outcomes section below.

Implementation Arrangement

The project will be implemented by the JI the SC, the MoJ, and the AGO and will follow the
Bank policies and guidelines. The Bank will be responsible for the supervision of the project.
The project implementation structure builds on and expands the structure established under the
Phase 1 AJSRP. A detailed description of the implementation structure and operational
procedures will be included in the project operational manual to be issued within four months
from the date of project effectiveness. The implementation structure includes: (a) a Project
Oversight Committee (POC); (b) Stakeholders Forums (SF);; (e) a Project Support Unit (PSU);
(d) a Project Unit (PU) in the implementing institutions – the SC, the MoJ and the AGO; (e) the
Provincial POCs and their secretariats.


The objective of this consultancy is to assist with interpretation and translation needs and to
provide support for report writing.

Scope of Work

The Reporting officer/Interpreter Officer will provide the PSU with necessary translation and
interpretation of project documents. In addition, he/sher will assist the Project Director and
the/Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist as needed in drafting and finalizing reports generated by
the PSU.

Major responsibilities include:

      Interpretation and translation, both oral and written.
      Working with the Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist in drafting and finalizing reports
       generated by the PSU.
      Providing general support as needed to the Project Principal Director and the Monitoring
       & Evaluation Specialist in report writing and interpretation
      Drafting Program Oversight Committee meeting minutes and translation during the
       meeting and keep the records within PSU and disseminate the same to JIs
      Collect and systemize information on progress of Justice Institutions on all projects under
       the Justice Service Delivery Project.
      Provide high quality editing and formatting for all project-related documents.
      Perform other related duties as required by the Project Director.
       Translate various documents of different subjects, especially the translation of
        procurement documents to English, Dari and Pashto in accordance with standard art of
        translation, and vice versa;
       Interpretation services for the PSU meetings and conferences.
       Review/ proofread of the translated documents and making necessary corrections.
       Ensure close cooperation with Project Support Unit, clarifying complicated subjects of
        the translated documents, and applying changes to the translated documents which often
       Review, edit, and final proofread of the translated documents and ensuring consistency.
       Compile Dari or Pashto words and terminologies along with its English meanings that
        can be used as reference in translations.
       Compile all translated documents (i.e., laws, regulations, decrees, international treaties)
       Work as an advisor with the Project Principal Director in solving translation problems.

       Attend all training programs arranged or instructed by the competent authorities;
       Any other tasks as assigned by the management at any time;


   1.   A university degree in English Language, literature, Journalism or equivalent
   2.   Minimum 3 years of experience in report writing and written and oral translation.
   3.   Excellent oral communication and written language skills in English, Dari, and/or Pashtu.
   4.   Advanced skills in basic computer programs such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
   5.   Ability to think creatively, work in a team, and perform under challenging circumstances


The Reporting/Interpreter Officer will report directly to the Project Director of the Justice
Service Delivery Project Support Unit.
Duty Station:
Duty station of the incumbent will be in Kabul, but there may be occasional travel to other areas
of the country;

Duration of Appointment

The Report and Language Officer will be hired for a period of 12 months. The appointment may
be renewable for a further 12 months (and possibly longer) against individual performance and
annual evaluation reports. These TORs may be extended, based on need, performance and
availability of resources.

Remuneration for the Report and Language Officer position will be financed 100% by the
ARTF-financed project.
The consultant will be selected in accordance with procedure set out in the World Bank’s
Guideline: selection and employment of consultant by World Bank Borrowers, January, 2011.

Eligible candidates are requested to apply along with their updated CVs by the 9th of July, 2012
personally or by email;

AA. Applicants submitting their applications with CVs personally should submit the same to:
Mr. Bilal Ahmad Stanikzai
Administrative Officer
Program Support Unit, AJSDP
Qala-e-Fathullah (Behind Zarghona high School),
Shar-e-Naw, Kabul,
Telephone: 0798614070

BB. Applicants submitting their applications with CVs electronically should submit the same to:

CC. Applicants requiring any further information regarding submission of applications/CVs may
communicate with the following person during office hours and on week-days:

Mr. Bilal Ahmad Stanikzai
Administrative Officer
Program Support Unit, AJSDP
Qala-e-Fathullah (Behind Zarghona high School),
Shar-e-Naw, Kabul,
Telephone: 0798614070

AJSDP is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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