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					Level 1                       Topic: city recreation and culture   Teacher: Douglas Jones


            Restoring the Japanese Tea Garden in San Antonio, Texas

A. Discussion. Work with a partner.

What kinds of things do you think you might see in a Japanese Tea Garden? List
at least three things.

1.    ______________
2.    ______________
3.    ______________

B. Vocabulary. Match the words with their meaning.

     Word                 Meaning
1.   rushing          6   to feel sad about something
2.   restore          4   small pools of water (They often have fish in them.)
3.   renovate         2   to put something back into its original condition
4.   ponds            5   produce a strong effect or value in our feelings
5.   resonate         1   going very fast; in a hurry
6.   disappointed     7   attracts attention
7.   stands out       3   to restore, to rebuild

C. Watch the video.

At the beginning of the video, a man explains some benefits of the Tea Garden.
Check the benefits that he mentions.

√         great memories
          have picnics
√         be with the fish
          play sports
√         connect with nature
√         connect with something larger than yourself
          be with friends and family
√         be free

D. Complete the sentences.
Level 1                     Topic: city recreation and culture   Teacher: Douglas Jones

1. The Park was designed by the Japanese.
2. "Where is this wonderful place I went to as a child?"
3. "This is such a big step forward."

E. Check the things you can see in the Garden.

√         fish
√         waterfall
√         flowers

F. Discussion.

Can you think of a place or building that your community has restored? What
was it like in the past? How is it now?

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