APENDM eloan by alicejenny


									                                   APENDM. 11

(Confidential)                                       (Only for Research

                      MAHATMAGANDHI UNIVERSITY
                      FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES

                      Interview Schedule


1.     Name of the respondent
2.     Address

                                                Tele. No.

3.     Locality
4.     Age
5.     Sex
6. .   Religion
7.     Educational Qualification         : a.) Primary
                                          b.) Secondary
                                          c.) Graduate
                                          d.) Post graduate
                                          e.) Professional Graduate

8.     Occupation                        : a,) Salaried        e.)     Self
                                          b.) Wage earner
                                          c.) Professional     f.)     Business
                                          d.) Retired          g.)     Farmer
                                                               h.)     Others

9.     Annual Income                     : a,) From occupation : Rs.
                                          b.) From subsidiary activities :Rs.

10.    Family size.                      : a.) No. of dependents :
                                          b.) No.of non - depepdents

1.          Please name the bank (s) where
            You maintain accounts
2           What is tha nature / type of
            Accounts maintained ineach bank      : BANK I       : a.) Fixed deposits
                                                                   b.) Savings Deposits
                                                                   c.) Current accounts
                                                                   d ) Recurring depos~t
                                                                   e ) Loan account

                                                  RANK I1       :a )         b.)   c.)
                                                                   d.)       e.)
3.         How long have you been operating
           These accounts

4.         If you have accounts in more than            a.) for deposit
           one branch, which of then1 do you            b.) for loan
           use most frequently                          c.) for others

5.         What are the most important reasons for selecting the bank

           a.)     Proximity to your office 1 residence :      Y             N
           b . ) ~ Relatives / friends working in the
     ..,           Branch                                      Y             N
           c.)     Popularity of the branch                    Y             N
           d.)     Quality of service                          Y             N
           e.)     Personal request ofthe Manager
                   or other staff meml~rs the bank. :
                                          of                   Y             N
           f.)     Others (Specify)                            Y             N

           6.     Do you consider it necessary that
                  someone personally known at this
                  branch helps in expediating
                  you transactions                             Y             N

           7.     Do you personally know the
           a,)    The Branch Manager                           Y             N
           b.)    Any officer of the branch                    Y             N
           c.)    Any Clerks                                   Y         '   N
           d.)    Any of the peons                             Y             N

               How long does it generally take :-
               To deposit cash in your account
               and obtain a receipt
               To withdraw cash from your accobt :
               To get money credited to your
               Account after submitting a local
               Chque                                     -------- Days
               To get money credited to your
              Account after submitting
               outstation cheque
       e.)    To get a new cheque book
       f      To get a demand draft
       g.)    To update your passbook
       h.)    To encash a bank draft
       i.)    To renew a fixed deposit receipt    :
       j.1    To encash a F.D. receipt
       k.)    To get a loan against F.D. receipt  :
       1.)    To purchase travellers cheques
       m.1    To get access to your safe deposit
              Are the time norms for various
              Business transactions displayed in
              the branch
              Are you aware of the time norms
              For various business for the above
              mentioned transactions
              Are time norms adhered to
              For encashment of' cheques
              For issuance of drafts

              Are interest rates for various deposit
              accounts displayed in the branch       :


1.     Generally how do the employees at the
       branch (including the manager and
       officers) behave with you

                             Always          General1y   Rareli          Never
Impersonal but helpful
Impersonal & not helpful
2       The promptness in attending to you by the .

                              Very              Usually      Slow          Dont
                              Prompt            prompt
Branch Manager
Other officers
Subordinate staff

3.     Courtesy extended to you by :

                              Very good      Good            Fair    Bad   Dont
Other officers
Suhor iinate staff

4.     In correspondence with you your bank
       is prompt and polite                                 Y        N

5.     Please give your opinion about the
       presence of the following staff during
       working hours

                                     Normally         Not normally         Do not
                                     Present          oresent              know
Other officers
Subordinate staff

6.     During the past two years &d you have to
       Complain to the bank officials                       lf

7.     if yes, what was the nature of the complaint
       a.)     Error in pass book 1 statement               Y
       h.)     Delay in transactions                        Y
       c.)     Misbehaviour                                 Y
       d.)     Any others (specify)                         Y
With whom was the complaint lodged

       a,)    Senior official of the bank                   Y
       b.)    Branch Manager                                Y
       c.)    Accountant of the Branch                      Y
       d.)    An officer of the bank                        Y
9.         How was the complaint dealt with
           a.)  Promptly attended to and problem
                Solved                                     Y   N
           b.)  Sympathetically considered, but
                Problem not solved                         Y   N
           c.)  Not attended to                            Y   N

10.        Are the complaint box available at the
           Branch                                          Y   N

1.  Are the present working time of the bank1
    branch suitable to you                                 Y   N
2.  If not, what changes would you like to have
    in the working hours
3.  Do you feel that your branch should work
    on Sundays                                             Y   N
4.  Do the bank open and close according to
    time displayed
a.) Opening                                                Y   N
b.) Closing .                                              Y   N

5.         Is the space available at the branch adequate
           for staff and customers                         Y   N
6.         Are the basic amenities provided to
a.)        Drinking Water                                  Y   N
b.)   .,   Seafing facility                                Y   N
c.)        Fans                                            Y   N
d.)        Toilet facility                                 Y   N
e.)        Reading materials                               Y   N
7.          ;
           D you think that the number of bank
           branches in your area are sufficient            Y   N


           How often do you personally visit the
           No. of timedweek
           No. of times /month
           How often does some one else go to the
           branch on your behalf (Specify the purpose) :
           week              Month-.--
           Do you take your pass book to the
           branch whenever you
           Deposit cash                                    Y   N
           Withdraw cash                                   Y   N
           if not how often do you give your pass
           book for completing the entries... ... . ..
       times a year
5.     Are you able to understood clearly the entries
       Made in your pass book / Statement
       of accounts
6.     If not, is it due to :
a.)    Abbreviations used in writing the entries    .
b.)    Incomplete details
c.)    Illegible handwriting

      Do the entries in your pass book / statement
      Contains errors
      If so how many times did you point out to
      the branch such an error during the last
       12 months                  times
      Have you given any standing instructibns
      to the bank
      If yes, are these instructions executed
      Do you have any term deposits with the
      branch/ bank
      If yes, do you receive any information from
      the bank before the F.D. matures
      Have you opted for nomination facility
      Is the availability of nomination facilities
      Prominently &splayed in the branch
      Is the availability of nomination facilities
      prominently displayed in the branch
      Did the bankloflicials informed you about
      The nomination facility and advised to
      have it


1.    Are you a borrower from the bank                      Y   N
2.    If yes, what are the credit facilities you
      Currently enjoy from the branch

      TF                      Duration               Security   Interest rate
a.)   Loan (nature specify)
b.)   Cash credit
c.)   Over draft
d.)   Bills
e.)   Others (specify)

Code for security

1. pledge / Hypothecation
2. Mortgage
 4.    LIC policy
 5.    Fixed deposit receipt
 6.    Gold

 3.       Did you apply influence of any sort at any
          stage for the availability of credit           Y   N
 4.)      If yes, please indicate so
 a,)      Using intermediary. Constancy services     :   Y   N
 b.)      Political influence                            Y   N
 c.)      Approaching through bank staWexecutives :      Y   N

 d.)      Others                                         Y   N

 5.       Please indicate the time taken in days by
          various stages in respect of your
          loan proposal

           Authority (Branch
           Manager, Regional
           Mana er etc.              -
           Time elapsed between
           Submission of applicatior~
           and its sanction          -
c.)        Time elapsed between
           sanction and your crediting
           your account
           Differences in amount
           a lied for and sanctionetl


         Did the application found to be cumbersome
         to fill up                                      Y   N
         Did you find any information asked for by
         the bank while processing your loan
         application as
         Unnecessary                                     Y   N
         Not available                                   Y   N
         Too confidential to part with                   Y   N

         How often did the branch conduct inspection
         of stocks during the last 1:1 months
         Is the inspection conducted by the branch
         Disturbinglannoying                             Y   N

         If yes, please indicate the reasons:
Upsets your schedule work
Calls for too many details
Too frequent inspections
Inspector does not understand matters

Have these inspections helped you to arrange
Your business matters better

If yes, please specify :
Better control of inventorres
control of book debts
Awareness of shortages
Better book - keeping system

If you have a pledge account, are you able to
Obtain delivery of stocks as and when
you require
If no, by how many days the matter is
generally delayed .. . .. . .. . . .. . . . .days
Do you feel that the repayment of schedule
Is stiff and unrealistic
Was there any summary rejection of loan
application without assigning reasons
Have you got any help from the branch
officials ignoring rules when your drawings
Exceed the credit limit.
Are you getting any marginal or temporary
Accommodation to meet your emergent needs:
Do you borrow from money lenders

If so what is the reason for such borrowing :
Simple procedures
No. delay in getting money when required :
Reasonable rate of interest
Personal security is only required


Do you consider the charges levied by the
branch for providing the following services
Issue of a demand draft
Remittance through M.T., T.T.
Collection of outstation cheques, dividends :
Safe deposit lockers
Safe custody
Services to current deposit accounts holders :
Any other (specify)
2.        Do you feel that the present hike in the
          Minimum balance will affect you


1.        Do you feel that the present rate of interest
          is reasonable regarding
a.)       Deposits                                            Y   N
b.)       Loans                                               Y   N

2.        Do you consider interest rate as the most
          important criterion for preference
          to bank depositors                                  Y   N

3.        If not, what are the other criterion
          you give preference

a.)       Satisfy
b.)       Convenience in payments
c.)       Facility for borrowing 1 liquidity
d.)       Others


1.        Some of the services offered by the banks are
          Listed below. Indicate the one you are
          aware o f -

a,)    S.B. Account                                           Y   N
b.)    Fixed Deposit Account                                  Y   N
c.)    Recurring Deposit account                              Y   N
d.)   .Current account                                        Y   N
e.)    Cash certificate                                       Y   N
E)     Stock invest                                           Y   N
g.)    others                                                 Y   N

          Loans and advances :
          Loan against deposits                               Y   N
          OverdraA against approved securities                Y   N
          Cash credit against stocks                          Y   N
          Loans against gold ornaments                        Y   N
          Discounting of trade bills                          Y   'N
          Letter of credit                                    Y   N
          Special loan facilities for weaker sections     :   Y   N

3.        Remittances :
a.)           Demand draft
b.)           mail transfer
c.)           Telegraphic transfer
d.)           Travellers cheques
e.)           Gift cheques
f.)           Credit cards
g.)           Foreign remittances

              Miscellaneous :
              Safe Deposit Locker
              Safe custody of sealed boxes, shares,
              documents etc.
              Collection of bills, cheques etc.
              Standing instructions to make regular
              payments like LIC, School fees,
              subscriptions to magazines, clubs etc.
e.)           Executor and Trustee services
f.)           Merchant banking
g.)           Hire Purchase / leasing
h.)           Portfolio management
i.)           Tax management
j.)           ATM


1.            How did you come to know about the
              existing and new services offered by
              the bank. Through
a)            Branch manager                               Y   N
b.)           Staff at the branch, including officers      Y   N
c.)           Advertisement                                Y   N
d.)           Neighbors                                    Y   N
e.)           Friends                                      Y   N

2.        .   Do you have other investments in any
      '       of the following :-
a,)           LIC b.)        U.T.I.
c.)           Post ofice savings d.) Company deposits :    Y   N

3.            If yes, how did you come to know about the
              schemes of these institutions
a,)           Newspapers/Magazines                         Y   N
b.)           Ra&o                                         Y   N
c.)           Television                                   Y   N
d.)           Films                                        Y   'N
e.)           Friendslrelatives                            Y   N
f.)           Agents                                       Y   N

4.            Do you read Newspaperg Magazines
              regularly                                    Y   N
Watch televisions, films
Listen to radio programmes
Has a bank employee ever contacted you to
explain various bank deposit and
credit schemes
Through which of the following medialways
Would you prefer the new schemes of banks
To be informed to you
New paperfiagazines
Television, films
Bank staff
Posters, brochures etc.
Which of the banking services are
most suited to you
Do you feel that if somebody gives all
information and convince you about various
schemes you may be able to use
more services
Do you regularly get greeting cards from
your bank on important occasions
New year
Do you get any invitation to attend customers
If yes, do you normally attend such meetings:
If yes, is it useful to clear doubts and to build
Up a healthy relation
During the last 12 months have you got any
letter from the bank informing you about its
schemes etc.
Have you ever sought any investment advice
counseling from the manager or other staff
of the bank
If yes, do you feel it is useful
Are you of the opinion that the staff of the
bank gives undue emphasis on rules
and procedures
Have you got any suggestion to improve the
banks services
Which of the following type of banks in
your opinion gives better services :
Commercial banks in public sector
Private sector Commerc:ial banks
Co-operative Banks

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