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									                                                 FUNCTIONAL SKILLS
                                              ENGLISH - WRITING LEVEL 2
                                                             Exam Date
                                                         MARK SCHEME

Instructions to marker
There are 30 marks available for each of the three tasks, which should be marked separately, resulting in a total of 90 marks.

It is expected that the pass mark will be in the region of 54, i.e. 60% but this will be confirmed through the awarding process.
Each column relates to an aspect of the skills standard, coverage and range. Marks can be awarded from 0 - 6 for each of these
aspects. Descriptors are given for marks 1-6. Responses not meeting the descriptor for the award of 1 mark should be awarded 0.

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Mark     1.1                               1.2                       1.3                        1.4                       1.5
         Present                           Use a range of            Use a range of             Ensure written work       Punctuate written
         information/ideas                 sentence structures,      writing styles for         is fit for purpose and    text using commas,
         concisely, logically,             including complex         different purposes         audience, with            apostrophes and
         and persuasively.                 sentences, and                                       accurate grammar          inverted commas
         Present information               paragraphs to                                        that supports clear       accurately
         on complex subjects               organise written                                     meaning in a range        with accurate
         clearly and concisely             communication                                        of text types             spelling
  6      Material is clearly               Controlled use of a       Convincing, individual     Controlled use of a       Generally correct
         controlled and                    variety of sentence       voice or point of view     variety of forms,         spelling throughout,
         sequenced, taking                 structures achieves its   is established and         adapting them when        including
         account of the reader’s           purpose and               mostly sustained           needed to suit purpose    some uncommon
         likely reaction and               contributes to overall    throughout.                and audience.             words,
         presented logically to            impact of the                                                                  words with complex
         support point of view             document.                 Confident use of a         Level of formality used   sound/symbol
         and be persuasive                                           range of                   for purpose and           relationships, words
                                           Construction of           sentence features to       audience generally        with unstressed
         A range of features               paragraphs clearly        clarify or emphasise       appropriate and           syllables.
         clearly signal the                supports meaning and      meaning,                   a range of stylistic
         overall direction of the          purpose.                                             devices used to           Full range of
         document.                                                                              achieve effect.           punctuation is
                                           Within paragraphs,                                                             consistently accurate
         A range of ambitious              cohesive devices                                                               in a variety of
         and varied vocabulary             contribute to emphasis                                                         sentence structures.
         is generally                      and effect.
         appropriate to purpose
         and audience.

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    5    Development of ideas              Some features of          Development of ideas      Features of the           Syntax and
         is                                sentence structure are    is                        selected                  punctuation within and
         effectively managed               used to build up detail   appropriately shaped      form clearly              between sentences is
         throughout the writing.           or convey shades of       and adapted for the       established with          accurate.
                                           meaning,                  intended audience and     some adaptation to
         Overall direction of the                                    purpose.                  purpose.                  Apostrophes used for
         document is supported Within paragraphs or                                                                      possessive and
         by clear links between sections, a range of                 Features of the           Appropriate style         contractions.
         paragraphs.              devices support                    selected                  clearly established to
                                  cohesion.                          form clearly              maintain reader’s
         Some ambitious                                              established with          interest throughout.      Accurate spelling of
         vocabulary attempted     Links between                      reference to purpose.                               inflected words as well
         and there is a           paragraphs or                                                Text is suitably          as common prefixes
         deliberate attempt at    sections are generally                                       presented for purpose     and suffixes.
         persuasive language.     maintained across                                            and audience
                                  whole document.
4        Document includes                 Information is            Uses a variety of         Secure control of         Control of a range of
         appropriate level of              structured                formats or conventions    complex sentences         punctuation, used
         detail for reader to fully        appropriately and         to make writing suit      clarifies relationships   correctly, creates
         understand purpose.               presented in a logical    different audiences.      between ideas. .          desired effects.
                                           sequence.                                           Some variety in
         Some attempt to                                             Language is suited to     vocabulary shown and      Spelling generally
         explain complex                   Cohesion is secured       audience needs            used to create interest   correct including some
         information in a                  within paragraphs                                   for reader.               ambitious words
         manner suitable for               using a range of                                                              including those with:
         audience                          devices.                                                                      unstressed syllables
                                                                                                                         multi letter vowel and
         Information and ideas                                                                                           consonant symbols.
         are relevant and used
         to support arguments

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  3      Most detail is included           Links between            Appropriate features of Order of clauses in          Good use of brackets,
         to make the document              paragraphs or sections   selected form are       complex sentences            commas, dashes,
         clear.                            can be clearly           successfully used.      used at least once to        colons.
                                           discerned and                                    achieve a specific
         Most ideas presented              sequence is mostly       Language is mostly      effect.                      Spell correctly most
         clearly and coherently.           easy for reader to       appropriate for                                      words with irregular
                                           follow.                  audience                Features of sentence         prefixes and suffixes
         Some attempt to use                                                                structure controlled         as well as
         persuasive language.                                                               and accurate, relatively     grammatical function
                                                                                            consistent use of            words.
                                                                                            different tenses and
  2      Sufficient detail                 Paragraphs and           Main purpose               Intentional variety of    Some use of brackets,
         included to make                  sections used to         identifiable but may       length and structure of   parenthetical commas,
         document clear.                   organise content.        not be consistently        sentences used.           dashes, colons.
                                                                    reinforced through
         Some ideas presented              Paragraphs ordered in    language, format and       Tense used correctly      Spell correctly regular
         clearly and coherently.           a generally logical      structure.                 but not consistently      words including those
                                           sequence.                                           throughout the piece.     with multiple
         Information is often                                                                  The purpose of the text   morphemes and
         confused but some                                                                     is mostly clear           different tenses.
         attempt made to
         include it and explain it
         to reader.

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  1      Some additional detail            Ideas are grouped and    Main features of             Uses a number of         Commas used to
         elaborates on basic               presented in sections.   selected text type are       complex sentences.       separate clauses and
         information.                                               shown and this type                                   phrases in complex
                                                                    supports audience            A variety of different   sentences eg for non-
         Document sometimes                                         needs.                       sentence openings are    embedded clauses.
         confused, some                                                                          used.
         information and ideas                                      Some language of                                      End of sentence
         are not relevant and                                       appropriate level.           Tense used correctly     punctuation and
         there is no clear logic                                                                 in some cases but not    capitals secure.
                                                                                                                          Spells correctly many
                                                                                                 Purpose of document      common words
                                                                                                 is not clear             including some with
                                                                                                                          more than one
                                                                                                                          morpheme and some
                                                                                                                          compound words.

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