Teaching and Learning Coordinator for KS4 English May 2012

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					                                          The John Bentley School
                                Ensuring High Quality Learning and Teaching
                         We aim to be a school where all are challenged to achieve their best and to
                               take pride in greater success than they ever thought possible

                                                The John Bentley School
                                        Raising Standards Achieving Excellence
Job Description: Teaching and Learning Coordinator for KS4 English   TLR 2B Effective Date: 1st September 2012

Purpose:                 Ensure high quality learning and continuous improvement in the teaching and learning of KS4
                          English students, raising standards and producing the highest levels of student achievement.
                         Raise aspirations of Key Stage 4 English students through positive working with the teaching and
                          Intervention teams, parents/carers, the school community, support agencies/professionals and
                          others to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.
                         Be responsible for leading, managing and developing the teaching and learning of KS4 English
                         Effectively lead, manage and deploy teaching and support staff and financial resources within KS4
                          English in collaboration with the Curriculum Leader for English
                          Contribute to the formulation of the English Department aims and policies under the leadership of
                          the Curriculum Leader for English and ensure that they are translated into action in the classroom

Reporting to:        Curriculum Leader for English

Responsible for:     KS4 English teaching staff and other relevant personnel within the curriculum area
                     Deputy Headteachers, Curriculum Leader for English, Assistant Head 14-19 and Literacy, Guidance
Liaising with:
                     Leaders, Learning Support, Teachers, Tutors, LA, Parents and others
Principal (Core)      Collaboratively establish and implement a vision for teaching and learning in KS4 English and its
Responsibilities         place in the wider English curriculum
                      Under the leadership of the Curriculum Leader for English, collaboratively contribute to the
                         English Progress Review Meetings and ensure that the actions arising are embedded and impact on
                         progress and achievement
                      Lead the development of high quality, learning centred policies, practices and schemes of work
                              o Ensure continuity and progression for the learning of all students, actively planning for all
                                   student groups (eg. G&T, SEN)
                              o Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum
                              o Ensure methods of assessment, tracking and intervention improve student learning and
                      Ensure that there is progress in learning and achievement from Key Stage 3 to 4 and that those who
                         are underachieving and making slow progress are supported at the start of Key Stage 4 through
                         teaching and learning strategies and intervention.
                      Ensure student progress is rigorously tracked based on appropriate, regular and coordinated
                         assessments and that any underachievement is tackled quickly and effectively via targeted
                         personalised intervention strategies
                      Liaise closely with Personalised Learning Faculty and Support Faculty to ensure that students with
                         Alternative and Flexible provision achieve and make progress

Operational/             Day-to-Day:
Strategic                      o Contribute to regular English team meetings
                               o Contribute to the English handbook
                               o Contribute to the direction of the wider school curriculum under the guidance and
                                   leadership of the Curriculum Leader for English
                               o Engage in and encourage innovation
                               o Implement and operate the school’s Health and Safety policy in the subject area
                         Work with KS4 English staff to ensure KS4 English reflects the school’s ethos and aims
                         Ensure all school policies and procedures are followed with student safety, welfare and delivery of
                          the very best outcomes for students at the centre of all work
                         Relentlessly and positively promote an ethos/culture that is fully coherent with the school vision
                          and aims
                         Maintain a detailed and up-to-date knowledge of pedagogy and strategies to support and engage
                          Key Stage 4 English students to ensure each student achieves more than they ever thought possible
                         Learn from and disseminate good practice in Key Stage 4 Teaching and Learning
                         Ensure that targeted and coordinated intervention strategies are being followed to fully meet the
                           needs of Key Stage 4 students
                          Liaise closely with Personalised Learning Faculty and Support Faculty and other colleagues to
                           ensure the seamless coordination and implementation of SEND and Behaviour for Learning
                           intervention strategies
                          Develop close working relationships with parents/carers to ensure they are genuine partners with
                           the school in supporting student learning and welfare
                          Liaise with the Curriculum Leader for English to ensure ICT enhances student learning
Teaching, Learning        Be responsible for the delivery of KS4 English
and Curriculum:           Liaise with Curriculum Leader for English to ensure the delivery of an appropriate, inclusive, high
                           quality, innovative curriculum programme
                          Constantly explore improvement, innovation and personalisation
                          Ensure effective targeted intervention systems across Key Stage 4
                          Ensure that the Key Stage 4 English Scheme of Work and teaching (planning, delivery and
                           evaluation) fully meets the needs of all groups of students including Students with Educational
                           Needs and Disabilities
                          Liaise closely with other colleagues to develop and implement creative personalised strategies for
                           any student who is underachieving or becomes disengaged in English
                          Play a key role in on-going School Self Evaluation in relation to all matters concerning Key Stage
                           4 English
                          Lead and develop eLearning and work related learning including Functional English
                          Keep up to date with national developments in KS4 English including teaching pedagogy and
Staff                     Set expectations for staff and students, in the context of school policies, and help them to achieve
                           those standards in relation to:
                                o Working practices and relationships with students, including the management of
                                     behaviour for learning
                                o Working practices and relationships with staff, including team working and mutual
                          Ensure effective systems of communication to staff, (as well as parents/carers and others) in
                           relation to all matters concerning supporting the achievement and progress of Key Stage 4 English
                          Be fully involved in Performance Management and Professional Development opportunities in and
                           out of school
                          Help to identify and respond to the professional learning needs of staff
                          Be involved in the induction of, and support for, new staff and assist in the development of trainee
                           teachers when requested
                          Develop effective working relationships with SLT, other leaders and staff in the school
                          Contribute to an effective support for staff in student disciplinary matters that is in line with whole
                           school disciplinary procedures
                          Undertake performance management review(s), acting as a reviewer for staff in English.
                          Participate in recruitment and selection
                          Act as a positive role model for staff on a day-to-day basis
School Self               Support the Curriculum Leader for English in meeting the expectations described in the School Self
Evaluation                 Evaluation handbook, including reporting procedures and deadlines.
Communications            Ensure effective collaboration with staff, parents and students
                          Attend all meetings involving parents in order to support students
                          Liaise and work with partner schools, Higher Education Institutions, Examination Boards and other
                           relevant external agencies
                          Excite and engage visitors at Open Evenings, and other events
Resources                 Set priorities for expenditure and, with the Curriculum Leader for English, manage budgets in line
                           with improvement plans
                          Ensure the effective management of accommodation and learning resources including ICT
                          Contribute to the deployment of staff
Other Specific            Comply with any reasonable request from a manager to undertake work of a similar level that is not
Responsibilities           specified in this job description
                          This job description may be changed by the Headteacher in consultation with you to reflect or
                           anticipate changes in the job commensurate with the grade and job title.

The duties outlined in this job description are in addition to those covered in the lasts School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions
Document. Duties may be modified by the Headteacher to reflect changing school priorities, commensurate with the TLR and
job title

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