Chinese teacher by 8963qQe


									                                         My school

   Hello!My name is Lu Zezhi,I am 11 years old.

   I study in Binjiang school. My school is very big and beautif
ul, you can see a pretty garden, a big playground and many class
roos. Now some children are running, some children are reading b

   Today is Monday, we have Chinese, English, science, math and
art classes on Mondays. I like art class, because our art teache
r is funny.

   I have many teachers. Chinese teacher, computer teacher, mat
h teacher, English teacher, art teacher, music teacher and scien
ce teacher.

      My Chinese teacher is tall and thin, she's very strict. My c
omputer teacher is thin, but he is very tall. My English teacher
 is strict, but she is very kind. My science teacher is very sma

   I like school lunch. We have cabbage and green beans on Monda
ys. The cabbage is my favourite food, beause cabbage is tasty

and healthy.

   You can go to my school—welcome to     our beautiful school.

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