line whether work involved is priming by 8963qQe


									BMT-36e (Rev 9/97)                                ALABAMA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
                                                       BUREAU OF MATERIALS AND TESTS

Copies: Division Engineer                                         BITUMINOUS DISTRIBUTOR                                  Project No.:
        District Engineer                                            DAILY REPORT FORM                                    County:
        File                                                                                                              Division:                     District:

  Project Location:                                                       Report No.:                                     Date:
  Project Length:                                                         Pay Item:                                       Description:
  Contractor:                                                             STA No.:                                        To STA No.:
                                                                          Weather:                                        Temp:                F Low               F High
     MATERIAL                                                     HOT                       CUT BACK                       COARSE                         FINE
  INFORMATION:                        PRIME                   APPLICATION                  OR EMULSION                   AGGREGATE                     AGGREGATE
 Kind and Grade
 Plant Shipped from
                                     No. of Sq.                            BITUMEN USED                                      AGGREGATE USED
    Station        To Station          Yds.                             Temp F        Liter Equivalent       Rate Per        Cu. Yds.       Cu. Ft. per Sq.     Kind of
                                                          Gross         Applied            at 60 F           Sq. Yd.          Used               Yd.             Work
                                                                     WORK DONE THIS DATE

                                                                       WORK DONE TO DATE

              DAILY TOTAL:


         TO DATE TOTAL:


Inspector:                                                                          Project Engineer:
NOTE: In Kind of Work Column record on each line whether work involved is priming, placing aggregate, hot application, tack coat, etc. Send copies of this report to Division
Office for each day's work. Under Work Done to Date, show totals to date for each stage of the work, use first line for the prime, second line for coarse aggregate, etc.
Under Remarks state width of application; record any notes of interest.

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