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					Tamasha is inviting applications for

Who’s Behind the Wheel?
A digital video project
Deadline for entries: 6 April 2012

To coincide with the premiere of Ishy Din’s new razor sharp play Snookered, Tamasha is inviting short
film submissions from around the world about the people who transport you on a daily basis. Taxi drivers,
bus drivers, train drivers, rickshaw riders… you name it! If they’re somehow involved in getting people
from A to B then we want to hear their stories and find out ‘Who’s really Behind the Wheel’!

“I used to be a taxi driver that wrote and now I'm a writer who drives a taxi!”
- Ishy Din, writer of Snookered

Tamasha is an award-winning theatre company. Successes like East is East, Strictly Dandia and The
Trouble with Asian Men have won acclaim from critics and audiences alike.

The films will be showcased in an online gallery and discussion and interaction around the pieces will be
encouraged and integrated with Tamasha’s online community. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your
work seen by a wide international audience and be part of a highly anticipated show touring all over the

Selected videos will be screened in front of an invited industry audience at Rich Mix in London at a
special event later in the year.

One filmmaker will be offered a place on one of the London Film Academy’s Specialised Courses of their
choice from this selection: Documentary: A filmmaker’s toolkit, Directing: A Filmmaker’s toolkit,
Composing: Music in Film, Producing: The Business of Film and Writing: Screenplay in a Day (places
subject to availability, see website for upcoming dates). Please note that Tamasha can not subsidise any
travel or accommodation costs for this opportunity.

The brief is open to interpretation and we welcome all genres and styles; whether you shoot it on a mobile
phone or hire in a film crew, the important thing is that you have a good story to tell about who’s really
behind the wheel.

Submitting your film:

   All submissions must include the completed Application Pack.
   Please subtitle all foreign language films in English.
   Applicants may enter more than one film but must complete a separate application for each film.
   Please ensure you hold all copyright for the film before submitting.
   Tamasha cannot be liable for any breach of confidentiality or licence agreement.

Download the application form and complete and send with a link to your film file (see below) to

Film formats: Please send a full resolution and a web resolution of your film in .mov format via yousendit
or weshare to

Please do not send films as email attachments! Please use one of the following:

If you have any queries, please contact Emma Sampson at Tamasha on or 020
7633 2270.
Deadline: 6 April 2012.
The “Who’s Behind the Wheel”: Submission Form

Full name/ Submitted by:



Email:                                                    Tel/ mobile:

Website (if any):

Are you a member of Tamasha Developing Artists?           ___Yes          ___No

Would you like to receive information on Tamasha                 ___Yes           ___No
& its future productions?

Where did you hear about this opportunity? _______________________________

Short Synopsis (100 words maximum, attach separate sheet if necessary with title):


Producer:                                  Director:

Running time:                  mins                secs

Date Completed (month/year):

By entering your film for consideration for the Who’s Behind the Wheel - Film Project you authorise that
your work is cleared for online film exhibition and accept full legal responsibility for the intellectual
property therein. Entry into the competition constitutes permission to exhibit your work through the
Tamasha website. Tamasha is also hereby granted the right to utilise an excerpt from any film submitted.
The undersigned shall indemnify and hold harmless Tamasha and employees of said entities from and
against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses which may be incurred by reason of
any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the
screening DVD entered.

Signed by:                      Date:

Print Name:
Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

Tamasha is an Equal Opportunities employer. Any information provided is entirely confidential and will not
form part of the selection process. This questionnaire is not obligatory but by completing it you will help us
monitor the effectiveness our equal opportunities policy. The request for this information and the uses to
which it will be put are within the scope of the Data Protection Act 1998, which allows for the collation and
reporting of sensitive data for monitoring purposes.


How did you learn of this vacancy?        TDA e-flyer             Tamasha website                    ArtsJobs                TMA

website        ITC website            Word of mouth          Other (please specify) _______________________

 Personal Details

Date of Birth ___________________________               Prefer not to answer

Gender MALE                                 FEMALE                Prefer not to answer

 Cultural Diversity

Please tick the ethnic category that best represents you. As you make your decision, please think about what
ethnic group means to you, that is, how you see yourself. Your ethnic category is a mixture of culture,
religion, skin colour, language and the origins of yourself and your family. It is not the same as nationality.

          Any other white background, please state__________________

Asian or Asian British
        Asian Bangladeshi
        Asian Indian
        Asian Pakistani
        Any other Asian background, please state__________________

Black or Black British
        Black African
        Black Caribbean
        Any other Black background, please state _________________

Chinese or other ethnic group
       Any other, please state______________________

Dual Heritage
        Dual Asian & White
        Dual Black African & White                  Note: The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a disability as a
        Dual Black Caribbean & White                physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term (i.e.
        Dual Chinese & White                        lasting more than 12 months) adverse effect on your day to day living.
        Any other background, please state_____________ may still be considered to have a disability if you are not currently
                                                            adversely affected but the impairment is likely to recur, or the condition is
          Any other background, please state_____________

          Prefer not to answer

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

 YES              NO                 Prefer not to answer

Do you have dependants? Dependants might include children, the elderly, or other people who rely on you for care.

 YES      NO                 Prefer not to answer

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