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									            Example of proceeding layout written in English (centered and using 14-size font)
* Jang Keun-Suk1,2, Kim Yu-Na,1-3, Kwon Sang-Woo3, Khemanit Jamikorn2,3 (1Kyungpook National Univ.,
   Dankook Univ. 3Chulalongkorn Univ.)

The aim of this document was to show the layout of the proceeding for the annual meeting of the Japanese
Society for Dental Materials and Devices in English. This English abstract shall be less than 100 words. Times
New Roman should be used as English plain font and its size should be 11 except the title and subtitle. The font
size of the title and subtitle is 12. After the English abstract, the English contents should be written in double
column. The template is ready to prepare the proceeding in the correct format.

[Introduction]                                                         [Discussion]
 This template is temporarily prepared for a proceeding for the         For proceeding submission, the Japanese Society for
annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Dental                      Dental Materials and Devices asks you to complete the
Materials and Devices in English. Your abstract will be                registration using the University hospital Medical
offset printed as the proceeding for the meeting. Please               Information Network (UMIN) on-line registration in
follow the instructions of this document. For reader’s                 advance. Please send your proceeding prepared as a
convenience, please underline the aim of your study and                word.doc file to the administrative office of the Japanese
findings.                                                              Society for Dental Materials and Devices, Oral Health
                                                                       Association of Japan (
[Materials and Methods]
  Please send your proceeding as a Microsoft Word file (Word           [References]
97-2003 format). Please indent the first sentence of each                If it is necessary to cite references, please describe references
chapter and paragraph. The authors name will be listed your            following the style as follows:
first name and family name as the example of this layout. Your         1) Heisei I, Showa T, Taisho H. English main title and subtitle.
affiliation name is listed only the name of your university or             Dent Mater J 2011; 30: 123-145.
institute. The author, who will present this proceeding, will be       2) Heisei I et al. English main title and subtitle. Dent Mater J
added an “*” mark. This “*” mark will be converted a                       2011; 30: 123-145.
circle.                                                                3) Heisei I et al. Dent Mater J 2011; 30: 123-145.
  Please write your proceeding within one A4 page. Please try
to make your proceeding without a lot of white spaces. Please
write your title justified center. In the main text, [Introduction],
[Materials and Methods], [Results], and [Discussion] should be
described. [Results and Discussion] or [References] are
  In [Results] (or [Results and Discussion]), put the
conclusion of your study with underlines.
  Your proceeding might be subjected for editorial corrections
by the editorial committee of J J Dent Mater to adjust the

  Figure, picture and table should be located in single column.
The resolution and width of the figures and pictures are
expected to be greater than 300 dpi, and 70 – 75 mm,
respectively. Insert the figures and pictures in your document
file using gray scale with the title of the figures and pictures.
Please be careful so that the size of your proceeding doc file is
less than 2 MB.

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