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BULLIED BY MANAGER    Introduce yourself, the scenario, and any
INTRODUCTION          applicable housekeeping items.

                      SETTING DISCUSSION NORMS
                      Review discussion “ground rules,” which should
                      • honoring the experiences of others;
                      • maintaining the confidentiality of what is said;
                      • committing full participation during

                      CASE SUMMARY
BULLIED BY MANAGER    This slide “tells the story,” which you or a
CASE SUMMARY          volunteer employee should read aloud.

                      TALKING POINTS
DISPLAY THIS SLIDE:   As the facilitator, be sure to review the details
                      of the employee’s situation and subsequent
                      actions before moving on to the next slide.
                      Ensure that any personal stories employees
                      wish to share are stories that relate to the
                      scenario being presented.

                      RESPONSES FOR QUESTIONS
                      What would you do if you were John or any of the other
BULLIED BY MANAGER    employees in the meeting? Note to Facilitator: Allow participants
DISCUSSION STARTERS   to answer freely and discuss among the group.

                      What are the responsibilities of:
                      •the employees who have either a decline or increase in sales?
                       Each has the same responsibility to raise concerns about a
DISPLAY THIS SLIDE:    manager who continually bullies his team, regardless of
                       performance. Since the problem involves their direct supervisor,
                       they may want to contact either their Department/Operations
                       Manager, human resources, Law department, or Tyco’s
                       ConcernLine. They may also want to consider talking to the
                       manager directly to let him know that his words and behavior is
                      •John? John has the same responsibility as the other employees to
                       raise the concern.

                      What are the potential issues and consequences surrounding
                      these actions?
                      The manager created an unprofessional work environment and did
                      not act in accordance with Tyco’s Harassment -Free Workplace
                      Policy and Guide to Ethical Conduct. Workplace bullying, threats,
                      and violent behavior may ultimately decrease productivity. All
                      employees should treat each other with dignity and mutual respect

                      Would the circumstances be different if:
                      •the manager also singled out employees who were meeting
                       their sales targets? No. Bullying is unacceptable in any situation.
                      •the manager didn’t use abusive language in the meeting, but
                       threatened their jobs if they didn’t meet their sales targets? A
                       supervisor should not provide performance feedback or threaten
                       a direct report’s job in a meeting setting. While less serious, this
                       situation still contradicts Tyco’s Vital Value of Teamwork, as well
                       as the Guide to Ethical Conduct.
                      •the manager told each of the employees privately that their jobs
                       were at risk if they didn’t meet their sales targets? As a manager
                       you can provide feedback on an employee’s performance and let
                       him/her know that without improvement his/her job could be at
                       risk. However, this conversation needs to be respectful and in line
                       with our values. It’s best to conduct the conversation in
                       conjunction with HR.                                          3
                      TALKING POINTS
                      Refer to Tyco’s Harassment-Free Workplace
                      Policy. Remind employees that the company
                      believes we all have the right to work in a
                      harassment-free environment.

DISPLAY THIS SLIDE:   Tyco regards harassment as any behavior that
                      may demean, intimidate, or offend an
                      individual, and includes bullying in the
                      behaviors that are prohibited in our workplace.

                      TALKING POINTS
                      • Make any closing statements that you feel are
BULLIED BY MANAGER      appropriate given the audience and their
LESSONS LEARNED         reactions and discussion regarding this topic
                        and case study.
                      • Summarize the discussions you heard.
                      • Take this opportunity to reinforce the points
DISPLAY THIS SLIDE:     made earlier about maintaining a harassment-
                        free workplace.

                      TALKING POINTS
                      Remind employees that they are not alone in
                      their decision-making, and that it is important
                      that they raise questions when they have them.

DISPLAY THIS SLIDE:   Reinforce the resources available to all
                      employees in the event a concern needs to be


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