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					    A Different History           by Sujata Bhatt

    Great Pan is not dead:                                       without disturbing Sarasvati,
    he simply emigrated                                          without offending the tree
    to India.                                                    from whose wood the paper is made.
    Here, the gods roam freely,
    disguised as snakes or monkeys;                              Which language
    every tree is sacred                                         has not been the oppressor’s tongue?
    and it is a sin                                              Which language
    to be rude to a book.                                        truly meant to murder someone?
    It is a sin to shove a book aside                            And how does it happen
    with your foot,                                              that after the torture,
    a sin to slam books down                                     after the soul has been cropped
    hard on a table,                                             with a long scythe swooping out
    a sin to toss one carelessly                                 of the conqueror’s face -
    across a room.                                               the unborn grandchildren
    You must learn how to turn the pages gently                  grow to love that strange language.

   1. Who is Great Pan?                                                                                1 marks
   2. He did literally not emigrate to India, but why does the poet suggest he did?                    2 marks
   3. Un-jumble the following letters to find the technique we call it when a writer makes reference to things from a
       period/artistic movement in human history CCAASSILL AUSIOLLN                                     1 mark
   4. Why is Great Pan’s physical appearance metaphorically significant to the poet?                    1 mark
   5. How many times does the poet repeat Sin?                                                          1 mark
   6. Why does the poet repeat Sin? To emphasise …                                                      1 mark
   7. Explain the irony behind Hindus respecting books because they are made of sacred ‘paper’. 2 marks
   8. Which language has not been the oppressor’s tongue?                                                1 mark
   9. Which language truly meant to murder someone?                                                      1 mark
   10. Language is a metaphor for ‘invading visitors’. If no ‘language’ meant to cause the demise of a person, then
       what do you think were the intentions of the ‘language’? Think Spanish in North America, the British Empire,
       Vikings, Romans etc.                                                                              2 marks
   11. For what is the scythe a metaphor?                                                                1 mark
   12. How is the soul being cropped?                                                                    2 marks
   13. Why do the descendants of the conquered people grow to love their new language?                   2 marks
   14. How are the poet’s twin identities represented in the structure?                                   1 mark
   15. What are her twin identities?                                                                      2 marks
   16. What are the aspects she addresses with each identity?                                            2 marks
   17. What effect does she create by criticising the aspect of her ‘root’ identity, while defending the aspect of the
       assumed identity?                                                                                  3 marks
   18. What is the effect of the rhetorical questions?                                                    1 marks
   19. Write some details about the poet’s background.                                                     3 marks
   20. Name her other poem that deals directly with the belief that language is at the heart of identity. 1 mark
   21. In what ways do NZ and/or you relate to this poem?                                                  3 marks

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