MyLab User Cheat Sheet by bqwRl0A


									       English MyLabs Student Registration Guide
Please keep this document readily available as it provides information about registering for any of
Pearson’s English MyLabs.
If your instructor is using a Custom course, you may notice some disparity between the information
in this Student Guide and your actual MyLab course.

1. Open a Web browser and go to

2. Select the STUDENT button under Register.

3. Enter the CourseID your instructor provided and click CONTINUE.

4. Establish a username and password.
Option A: If you have used or are using a Pearson MyLab or Mastering product, use that username
and password to sign in. (If you cannot remember your username/password, select the “Forgot your
username or password?” or the “Not sure if you have an account?” link below to retrieve it.)
Option B: If you are new to a Pearson product, you will need to click CREATE to create an account.

          A            B
5. Select the method of registering.
Option A: Redeem an access code. Enter the code found under the sealed flap in the access kit that
came with your new Pearson text.
Option B: Purchase an access code online. Click the green button and follow the directions to pay
with a credit card or your PayPal account.
Option C: Obtain temporary access via our 17-day grace period. (If you choose the deferred payment,
you will be prompted to purchase access toward the end of the 17 days. If you do NOT purchase, your our
previous work will remain saved during an INACTIVE period. Once payment is made, you will revert back to

                     A                      B


6. Once the registration has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation.
                                     Sign in Information
 How to Sign in:
 1. Open a Web browser and go to
 2. Select the SIGN IN button under Sign In.
 3. Enter your username and password.

 4. MyPearson Portal Page: Upon signing in, you will see your personal MyPearson page. Your
 MyPearson page will reflect any current and past Pearson MyLab and/or Mastering courses (if you
 used the same login/password at registration). Your course(s) will be listed in the menu on the LEFT.
 Click on your course name to enter the course.

 Customer Technical Support
 If you are still experiencing a problem, go to and click CHAT. Once you have
 created a technical support account and chatted with a Tech Support representative you will be
 issued an Incident Report Number (example- Incident: 111025-002862) which you will want to
 keep for follow-up. You will also be sent an e-mail with the transcript, which you will also want to
 keep for your records.

Thank you again for using Pearson products. Your successful experience is very important to us!

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