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					                     Study Guide: English III-P Final
    Directions: During the final, you will be able to use one page of notes (front and back). If
    you have detailed notes for all the topics below, you may use those notes on the test, but only
    if they have been signed by your parents or guardians. After the study guide notes are
    completed, you should study and quiz yourself for a minimum of two hours, as you should for
    all your finals. Your final will be ten percent of your semester grade. Good luck and study

    Identify the archetypal and Freudian symbols from “The Fall of the House of Usher”

    Identify examples of external and internal conflicts from the plot of The Crucible

    Identify similes, metaphors, symbols, and personification from passages in “The Fall
     of the House of Usher,” The Crucible, and Of Mice and Men.

    Create a dramatic structure chart for the plot of Of Mice and Men.

    Know the methods of characterization for major characters in Of Mice and Men.

    Know all the elements of fiction for the plot of The Crucible by creating a thorough
     elements of fiction hand.

    Explain how the characters, setting, and themes from The Crucible are an allegory for
     events during the Red Scare of the 1940’s and 1950’s.

    Identify the correct stage of Moral Development for the major characters from The

    Identify the following aspects of an essay: a lead, setting context, Thesis, statement,
     statement (topic sentence), examples (supporting sentences), explanation (closing
     sentences), restatement of thesis, simile, analogy, metaphor, transitions, and

Agreement: I have shown this assignment to my parents or guardians and have let them know I
need to study at least two hours after I complete this study guide to do well on the final.

Student Name                                           Parent/Guardian Signature

          *does not include spelling, phonetic spelling, etymology and definition of the S.A.T. words

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