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									                              Student Application 2011-2012
                           Debra Bell’s Online AP English Courses

Hello! Thanks for your interest in my online Advanced Placement classes. As a rule of
thumb, I accept any student who submits this application unless the class is filled. That’s
because I’ve designed the application to help you determine if an online class is right for you.
The personal information you provide will help me get to know you better. So consider the
questions about your background and character strengths I ask about, and use that to help
you consider if you are ready not only for a college level course with college level
responsibility; but also, an online course will all its unique possibilities and limitations.

Application For:     AP Language and Composition              AP Literature and Composition
(Indicate clearly which class you are applying for)

Student Contact Information:
First Name:      Last Name:
Street Address:
City/State/Zip:             Phone:          Cell Phone:
E-mail Address For Student:

Student Profile:

Age:       Grade Level 2011-2012:           DOB:          Gender:

Official Status in your state: [check one]
    Homeschooled       Umbrella School, if applicable:
    Charter Cyber School Cyber School’s Website:
    Public School
    Private School
Clarification, if needed:

Supervising Parent’s Information:
First Name:       Last Name:          Parent’s E-mail Address:
Phone Number:          Cell:

Student Background:
List high school level English courses completed with percentage grade. Indicate in box
provide, method of delivery; i.e. online, at home, co-op, community college
 9th:                  Delivery:
10th:                  Delivery:
11th:                  Delivery:
What types of online coursework have you completed previously? Was it “live?”
(synchronous) or asynchronous?

   Debra Bell                           
Test Scores, if available:
PSAT Verbal:                Writing:
SAT Verbal:                 Writing:                       Essay Score:
AP Tests Taken, with Scores:

Student Skill-level ( as assessed by a parent) Rate 1-5, with 5 being the highest skill level.
    student’s high school level writing ability.
    student’s high school level reading ability.
    student’s overall maturity.
    student’s ability to work independently.
    student’s initiative in seeking help from a parent or teacher,
    especially when the student is confused or having difficulties with an assignment.
    student’s comfort level in using technology.
    student’s maturity in accepting feedback about areas for improvement.
(Please do not feel pressure to over-rate students, your responses here will not determine
acceptance. Rather I use this to help me figure out what difficulties a student may be having
and how I should promote engagement and learning from my end.)

Suitability for Online Learning

    High Speed Internet
    I will be able to check e-mail daily and I can receive large PDF files.
     I have initiative and will contact instructor if I have a question or concern.
     I am willing to contribute to the creation of a community of scholars by participating in
the online forums weekly.
     I realize online learning requires a greater degree of discipline and organization than
learning at home; at a co-op, or in a live classroom, and I’m willing to improve in these areas.

Reading List
Please give me a sampling of the most difficult literature you have read for pleasure or class
during high school.

Writing Experience:
Please indicate titles of academic papers you may have completed to date; exclude all creative
writing. I am only interested in analytical or research writing experience.

Other Course Work
List all other classes you plan to take concurrently with this course.

   Debra Bell                            
How did you find out about this course?

Student Generated Response
The applying student must provide this answer, not a parent.
Please indicate why you believe you are ready academically for college-level work and responsibilities.

Additional Comments
Please use the additional space to tell me what ever you think will help me promote learning
for this particular student. Also comment on the approach I should take if the student is not
participating in class, falling behind with assignments or struggling.

    Debra Bell                                         

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