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					                       Partner Student Visa Request form
                        Graduation Ceremony – 9th November 2012
                                  St David’s Hall, Cardiff
Guidance on completing:
This form is for students who have studied at one of our partner institutions to request visa support
letters for friends and family to attend their graduation.

If you are an international student who studied in Cardiff, please contact the International Office

Please make sure that you complete all details in the below form. Failure to supply information
requested my result in a delay in the processing of your letter.

Please save and send this completed form to (please indicate in the
subject line of your email whether you are an LSC or an ICBT student).

Your details:
Full name as it appears in your passport
Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Cardiff Metropolitan University student number
Location of study

Guest details:
Please note that you are allowed to have up to two guest tickets for the Graduation ceremony. However, if you
wish to invite more guests to celebrate with you in Cardiff please put their names and relationship to you on
an e-mail to

Full name of guest 1 as it appears in their
Relationship of this guest to yourself
Full name of guest 2 as it appears in their
Relationship of this guest to yourself

Address to send the letters to:
[If the same address is to be used for both letters please put “same as Guest 1” in the Guest 2 box]
                     Guest 1                                             Guest 2

If your guests are living in a different country to your home country then you will need to
indicate this and state which country they live in.

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