Coaching Session 3: Overcoming Fears by 8963qQe


									                                Uv Vis Metrolab

              English Training Program 2011 for Group 4.
Juan Antonio Barrios
Eliana Colbasso
Matias Principato
Yamila Tellechea

General Objectives:

-to acquire an active stock of vocabulary used in professional and business
contexts, particularly in the fields of Finance, Accounting and Foreign Trade.

-to increase response time needed to find vocabulary and thus, to increase
participants´confidence in communicating in English.

- to acquire an active stock of vocabulary used in social and everyday contexts,
inclusing idiomatic expressions used by native speakers.

-to increase communicative fluency in written and spoken communication in
relation to current standard to increase confidence, speed of response and
precision in expression.

-to hone listening comprehension skills, particularly during conference calls.

Specific Objectives for the term:

-to describe working in cross-cultural settings.
-to introduce oneself to a group.
-to report back on research.
-to use tenses appropriately.
-to compare careers paths and choices
-to manage discussion at meetings and conference calls by appropriate use of
communicative strategies and phrases.
-to learn how to get a point across
-to express attitudes to the past.
-to discuss working practices.
-to give a formal presentation.
-to speculate about future changes.
-to show understanding.
-to discuss risk

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-to take part in a teleconference.
-to establish rapport and show interest.
-to talk about team relationships
-to deal with conflict in negotiations.
-to respond to feedback
-to add emphasis appropriately.

                         Maria Laura Terrone 15 5964 1498

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