Key Stage 3 English by 8963qQe


									Key Stage 3 English                                                  Medium-term Plan
Cramlington Partnership

Title of Unit: Sound of Thunder – Key Targets Focus

Year: 7           Term:                    Duration: 2 Weeks         Set:

      1. extend use and control of complex sentences by:
      a. recognizing and using subordinate clauses;
      b. exploring the functions of subordinate clauses, e.g. relative clauses such as 'which
      I bought' or adverbial clauses such as 'having finished his lunch';
      c. deploying subordinate clauses in a variety of positions within the sentence;

          8. recognize the cues to start a new paragraph and use the first sentence effectively
          to orientate the reader, e.g. when there is a shift

      12. comment, using appropriate terminology on how writers convey setting, character
      and mood through word choice and sentence structure;

          1. plan, draft, edit, revise, proofread and present a text with readers and purpose in

Speaking & Listening
       6. listen for and recall the main points of a talk, reading or television programme,
       reflecting on what has been heard to ask searching questions, make comments or
       challenge the views expressed;

Teaching sequence

Week 1:

Focus: Engaging with the text; identifying underlying issues, setting and mood;
investigating the author's craft.
Coverage: Extract from' A Sound of Thunder'
Key Targets taught: Speaking & listening; author's craft
Outcome: Radio interview script; character description using similes and metaphors;
descriptive opening passage using a variety of sentences to create mood.

Week 2:

Focus: Developing writing style with topic, audience and purpose in mind.
Coverage: Film extract from Jurassic Park; tabloid articles: 'Throw the key (and him)
away' & 'It's been a lorra, lorra laughs'
Key Targets taught: Writing; sentence construction.
Outcome: A draft and redraft of a tabloid newspaper article on 'Hunt of T. Rex'

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