Dear Families,

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					Dear Families,

      The writing SOL test is coming very soon. We have been working
especially hard in order to be ready for the big day.

      This year, Bland County has been chosen as a “Field Test” school,
and that means that we will be taking the writing test twice; once with pencil
and paper and once with the computer. Our composition written on the
computer will be the field test session and will not be graded for student
achievement. It will simply be used by the state as a trial since all writing
SOL tests will be given on the computer beginning in 2013.

       Therefore, I need your help. We want to do well, of course, on both
tests. Writing on the computer takes much practice, and we will be doing so
here at school. I am sending you the link so that your child might also
practice at home with the Virginia writing tool that will be used for testing.
This letter and info will be linked to my website, too.

      I am very proud of the entire fifth grade for their grammar and writing
composition progress this year. Our pass rate looks very promising!!!
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I genuinely
appreciate your help and encouragement.


                                   Mrs. Williamson

Online Writing Practice Tool:
_writing/index.shtml      (Scroll down to online practice tool and click 5th grade.)

Testing Dates: Multiple Choice Component—March 6th
               Short Paper Composition (Pencil/Paper)—March 8th
               Online Multiple Choice Component—March 20th
               Online Short Paper Composition—March 21st

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