vocabulary8english by a5Z45O14


									                                                                  Grade 8
Oral: interview; abbreviate (abbreviation); persuasive technique; public opinion; advertisement; editorial; feature story (featured stories);
intent; factual; content

Reading: simile; metaphor; personification; hyperbole; connotation; analogy: type or example, characteristics, association, operator, degree,
mathematical, number; figurative language; main idea; theme; character; conflict; point of view; tone; word choice; dialogue; form; rhyme;
rhythm; voice; author’s style; setting; static; dynamic; external conflict: individual vs. individual, individual vs. nature, individual vs. society,
individual vs. supernatural, individual vs. technology; internal conflict; plot: initiating event, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution;
theme; dialogue; tone; first person; third person limited to a character or narrator; third person omniscient; literary devices; foreshadow
(foreshadowing); irony; flashback; symbolism; haiku; limerick; ballad; free verse; couplet; quatrain; meter repetition; alliteration; assonance;
consonance; onomatopoeia; credential; viewpoint; impact; relevance; accurate (accuracy); summarize (summary); draw conclusion; explicit
information; implied information; make inferences; internal text structure: cause-and-effect, comparison/contrast, enumeration or listing,
sequential or chronological, concept/definition, generalization, process; external text structures: boldface; italic type, type set in color, underline
(underlining), indentation, sidebars, illustrations, graphics, photographs, headings and subheadings, footnotes; annotations

Writing: organize; elaborate; central idea; revise; narrative; persuasive; expository; informational; prewriting; voice; tone; verb tense;
comparative degree; superlative degree; adverb; adjective; complete sentence; singular verb; singular subject; singular pronoun; singular
antecedent; objective pronoun; prepositional phrase; compound object; tense; comparative adjective; superlative adjective; comparative adverb;
superlative adverb; transitional word; conjunction

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