King Solomon & the Bee by r6y57U


									King Solomon & the Bee
King Solomon, the third king of Israel, lived
in a splendid palace surrounded by lavish
gardens filled with all sorts of colorful,
sweet-smelling flowers.

One day as he sat in his garden thinking
important thoughts, he was startled by a
pain on his royal nose. "Ouch!" cried King
Solomon, touching his red, swollen nose. "I
think I have been stung by an impudent

Now, it has been said that King Solomon
could speak the languages of all the
animals, and so he spoke to a young bee
hiding inside a nearby flower.

"Why did you sting my royal nose?" he asked.

The little bee hung her head in shame.

"Well, your majesty, " she stammered. "Here's what happened. I was buzzing about
gathering nectar, and I saw the most beautiful lily flower. I rushed over to it, but it
turned out to be your nose. I was so startled that I stung you by accident!"

King Solomon laughed. "Thank you very much! Some day I'll repay your kindness,
you'll see!"

The king soon forgot about the little bee because the Queen of Sheba came to visit.
She had heard that King Solomon was very wise, and had come to test him with the
trickiest riddles she could find.

As the king answered each one correctly, the queen asked a more difficult riddle.
Finally, she clapped her hands and 40 servants brought in 40 bouquets of colorful
flowers. "Now, Your Majesty," she said smiling, "before you are 39 bouquets of
artificial flowers, and one made of real flowers. Look at them and tell me which is the
bouquet of real flowers."

King Solomon frowned. Each bouquet looked perfect. It was impossible to tell which
were real just by looking.

"Bring them closer," he commanded.

The Queen smiled mischievously and said, "Oh, no, Your Majesty! You must answer
from this distance. If they came closer, you would be able to smell the flowers."

King Solomon frowned again. This time, he would not be able to solve the puzzle.

Suddenly, the king heard a faint buzzing sound. He looked and saw the young bee
who had stung his nose in the garden. No one else noticed her as she buzzed over
to the one bouquet made of real flowers.
King Solomon bowed to the Queen of Sheba and pointed to the bouquet of real
flowers. Then, he buzzed quietly in bee language, "Thank you, my friend." The little
bee flew happily back to her hive.

King Solomon never forgot that every creature God made has something to

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