Organization Extravaganza by r6y57U


									                         On behalf of the SVA Middle School Team…

                      Mrs. Carpenter’s
                  Organization Extravaganza!
Pencil Pouch and its Contents
Please unpack your backpacks and pencil pouches. I want you to be able to see everything you
brought to school with you.

Okay, on your original supply list, you were asked to bring two packages of pencils. This is to
get you through a semester or two. You do not need to carry around all of these pencils. Please
take two or three pencils and place them in your pencil pouch.

TIP: I suggest a pencil pouch instead of a pencil box because they usually take up a lot less
space and they don’t spill their contents as easily if you drop them. If you drop the boxes, the
stuff goes flying all over the place.

You were asked to bring a package or two of blue or black pens. Again, this is enough to
hopefully get you through the year. You do not need to bring them all with you. Please place two
blue or black pens in your pencil pouch. It’s your choice which combination (black/black,
black/blue, blue/blue) you choose. You just need two pens.

Please place one red pen in your pencil pouch.

Please place one glue stick in your pencil pouch.

Please place your small pair of scissors in your pencil pouch.

Please choose your favorite two dry erase markers and place them in your pencil pouch.

TIP: You may choose to carry around the erasers for the whiteboards. I suggest bringing a small
sock or a scrap of cloth that can easily be placed in the pencil pouch. While the brick erasers are
light, they do take up space. This is a choice for the students to make.

You were asked to bring 5 different colored highlighters. You will use all five, but I will tell you
when you need to bring them. For now, place two different colored highlighters in your pencil

You were asked to get two packages of 3X5 index cards. You don’t need 200 notecards in your
backpack. Please open one package and take out ¼ of the cards. Place those index cards (approx.
20-25) in your pencil pouch.
You were asked to bring 3X3 sticky notes. You don’t need a brick of sticky notes. Please take a
portion of the stack that is ½ the width of your pinky. Place this portion of sticky notes in your
pencil pouch.

You were asked to have a small pack of colored pencils. I suggest a small pack of 12 colored
pencils. If you have more than this 12, take out the basic colors. You may take home the rest.
You just need 12 colored pencils in your pencil pouch.

TIP: I suggest getting the flat box of 12 colored pencils and keeping the pencils in the box. The
box will help keep your pencil pouch flat. You can also use the colored pencil box as a divider
between your index cards and sticky notes and the writing tools. (I showed them how I placed
mine in my pencil pouch.)

You are encouraged to have a small pencil sharpener. This is primarily for the colored pencils
since most of you are using mechanical pencils. Place the small pencil sharpener in your pencil

NOTE: If you choose to have an eraser, you may place that in your pencil pouch. I suggest a
small eraser. You can even break a big eraser in half if you wish.

Your pencil pouch is now stocked with all of the necessary supplies for all of your classes.
Please place this in the small pocket of your backpack. (Yes, if you choose to put this elsewhere,
that is your choice; this is just a suggestion.)

Let’s talk about the spirals, binders, etc.…

Books, Binders, and Spirals…oh my!
The only item you need for English that doesn’t fit in your pencil box is your Interactive
Notebook (Spiral #1 for English). Place this in your backpack.

For History, you are allowed to choose a binder or a spiral and a folder. I suggest the second
option. (Spiral #2 and a folder for History). Place those in your backpack. Also, if you have
received your Atlas, place that in your backpack. Double check with Mr. Swanson about when
you need to bring this to class. For now, place it in your bag until you are given further
instructions from Mr. Swanson. (NOTE: Not all students have received their Atlases. For
questions on this, please contact Mr. Swanson after asking your student. He may have made an
announcement in class.)

For Spanish you need a spiral #3, a folder #1, and your Spanish workbook. Your Spanish teacher
will tell you what pages to tear out and when you need to bring your book to class. For now,
place that in your bag until you are given instructions from Ms. Creech. Please place these in
your backpack.

If you have Ms. Hageman, you need a spiral #4 and a folder #2 for Math.
If you have Mr. Maisells, you need a spiral #4 for Math.
Please place these in your backpack.

You may also need a few other items for Math, but we will discuss those in just a second.

Okay, this next part is SUPER IMPORTANT!!! Please make sure you listen…
Please get out the 1-inch binder I asked you to get for English and the 3-inch binder used for all
of the other classes. While we are at the University of Phoenix, the 1-inch binder will be used
for Science, the 3-inch binder will be used for English. We will set up the 3-inch binder in a
second. First, let’s start with the 1-inch binder.

Stick with me…let me show you how to set these up and then you may ask questions. 

Please open the 1-inch binder. (These were empty to begin with.) Please open one of the
packages of loose-leaf paper and take a portion of paper and place it in the 1-inch binder. You
will need only enough loose-leaf paper for one week (approx. 25 sheets). Also, please place
some graph paper in this 1-inch binder. You only need enough graph paper for one week
(approx.10 sheets). This loose-leaf and graph paper can be used for any of your classes. You are
just storing it in your Science binder since that is where you will use it the most. Please place
anything else you have for Science in this 1-inch binder.

Place your ruler in this 1-inch binder.

TIP: I suggest keeping rulers in binders (whether in the ring or a pocket doesn’t much matter).
This helps keep them from becoming lost on a bottom of a backpack and broken. They are easier
to access when they are in the binder.

Your 1-inch Science binder is now complete. Place it in your backpack.

Please get your 3-inch binder and the two packs of 5 dividers (10 dividers total).

The 3-inch binder is now your English binder. The reason for this switch is because I don’t need
you to bring this to class very often, if ever! Let’s set this up now.

In your 3-inch binder, you will have five dividers for English. Please label them:
    1. Reading Workshop
    2. Writing Workshop
    3. Word Work
    4. PSL (Participation, Speaking, and Listening)
    5. Projects

Even though you don’t need to bring this binder to class, I still expect you to use it as instructed.
I will be giving you very important documents and I will say, “Students, please place this packet
in your English binder at home under the ‘Projects’ tab.” That’s just an example. The point is, if
we were at SVA, I would have you bring this to class every day. But we are not. This is one
modification I am making to help you carry less. However, you still have to be responsible and
organized. You need to follow directions.
Next semester, when we return to SVA, you will flip flop the binders back to the originally
intended classed. You will use the 1-inch binder for English. You will probably use the 3-inch
binder for all of your other classes. This is a change the middle school teachers have agreed on to
help you be able to carry less to school each day. (There were cheers and “hoorays” happening at
this point!  )

Okay, you have the 1-inch binder set-up for Science, and you have the 3-inch binder set-up for
English but to be kept at home. The last thing you have out is your last pack of dividers. Please
label them for your other classes:
     Spanish
     Math
     History
     Elective

NOTE: You do not need a divider for Science since you have a notebook, and you don’t need a
divider for English since you will be using the other five. You may want to use the last divider
for another class, or you may want to put it in your Science binder (the 1-inch) to divide up the
paper from the Science material.

You may be wondering why you are making dividers for your other classes. I’ll tell you my four
fabulous reasons.
   1.) Now you are in middle school. One thing that we hope you learn is how to be responsible
       for your own education. This is a good archive to track your progress.
   2.) It is a good habit to get into to save all of your graded work. Teachers grade work and
       hand it back, but sometimes we make mistakes. (Shocking…I know! ) In case we make
       a mistake, you have the graded work kept in a nice, safe, organized, place. Every time
       you get a graded assignment, instead of throwing it away, I am asking you to please place
       it behind the correct divider.
   3.) Not only do you have all your graded work in one place just in case a teacher makes a
       mistake, you also have a great resource to use to help you study! You can go back
       through your assignments and learn from your mistakes. See why you didn’t do well on
       that paper so you can prepare for the test, for example. This is a great habit to get into.
       Once your final grade is posted, you can throw all of the papers in the recycle.
   4.) If you do this, you will also help make sure you are not carrying around a ton of
       unnecessary items in your backpack! It is a check and balance system.

My backpack now has all of the spirals, notebooks, etc. There are just a few items left.

I suggest placing your calculator in the small pocket of your backpack.

TIP: I suggest this because it will help you find it and keep it from getting lost on the bottom of
your backpack. Also, I don’t recommend placing your calculator in your pencil pouch just in
case a pen leaks. Some of you have expensive calculators and I would hate for any of them to get
For now, you may carry around your whiteboards. Place those in your backpack. Ask your other
teachers if you need them every day. If you have Mr. Maisells, talk to him about the whiteboard
usage for his class.

Place your planner in your backpack.

Look! I still have room in my backpack from my bag of PE clothes, my lunch, and a water
bottle! If you have Art, your sketchbook can easily fit in here. If you have Band, your band
folder will also fit in here.

Okay, we are almost done! Please pack up your stuff and return to your desk. Please get out your
planner and a pencil. (Yes, I know you just put it away. I wanted to show you how nicely
everything fit!)

Extra, Extra!
Please take all of these extra supplies at home. You are encouraged to organize them and keep
them at home to be used in school on an as-needed basis. All of the items the teachers asked you
to bring were thoughtfully requested and will be used. For now, we are re-purposing some items
and using some others sparingly, for now. We know that school supplies can be expensive, and
the middle school team worked hard to be thoughtful of what you needed to buy. Now, we are
trying to be thoughtful about what you need to carry too. Just because you are taking something
out of your backpack to leave at home does not mean it won’t be used. Please do not tell your
parents they need to return a bunch of supplies! Again, all of the items purchased will be used
throughout the year. Remember, the 3-inch binder is to be left at home, but you are still expected
to use it as directed.

Now that everything is streamlined, you need to get into a good habit of restocking your
supplies. Please make a note on Sunday nights (or Friday afternoons) to restock your supplies!
This should become a weekly habit.

Secondly, please write a note to remind you to wash your PE clothes at least once a week.

Lastly, I want to tell you about Word Work. Word Work is your spelling and vocabulary, root
words, and sayings and phrases. Every Thursday is Word Work day in English. I will give you
the week’s assignments and you have until the following Thursday to complete them and turn
them in. So, Word Work is assigned on Thursdays and then collected the next Thursday. You
only need to bring your vocabulary books (which I will distribute soon) on Thursdays.

You are responsible for making sure your Word Work exercises are completed and turned in
every Thursday. I do not collect your homework daily. It is up to you how you complete your
work, as long as your work is turned in on time. I suggest doing once exercise each weekday so
you are studying a little bit at a time. This is something we will talk about more at a later time.

Okay! Now you are organized!

Great job! Hooray! 

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