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									                              Pineview Elementary School
                        Weekly Homework Sheet ~ Third Grade Team
                   Mrs. Adank, Ms. Baker, Ms. Holland, Ms. Lyons, Ms. Rose
                                Week of January 14, 2008
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 Date                       Assignments                                 Due              Benchmarks              Completed
 Given                                                                  Date               Covered
 EVERY      * Read for 20 minutes and record what                   Reading Log              Reading
 NIGHT      you read on your Reading Log. Ask a                    due dates will         (all benchmarks
            parent to sign your Reading Log.                      be assigned by
            Students are expected to earn 3                       your homeroom
            Accelerated Reader points each week.                     teacher!
            * Study your multiplication facts
 Monday     Mosh Speaks: pages 40 & 41                               1/15/2008             LA.A.1.2.3
1/14/2008   (LA.A.1.2.3)                                                                   MA.A.3.2.2
            Reading Log
 Tuesday    Math:                                                    1/16/2008             MA.A.1.2.1
1/15/2008   Fractions: decimals p.571(Baker)                                               M.A.A.2.2.1
            Addition & Substraction (Rose)                                                 MA.C.2.2.1
            Congruent Figures worksheet(Adank)
            Reading Log
            *Study your multiplication facts*
Wednesday   Captain Carlos: pages 42 and 43                          1/17/2008             MA.A.3.2.2
1/16/2008                                                                                  LA.A.2.2.8
            Reading Log
            *Study your multiplication facts*
 Thursday   Math:                                                    1/18/2008             MA.A.1.2.1
1/17/2008   Fractions & Decimals: page 571(Baker)                                          MA.C.2.2.1
            Fact Family Worsheet (Rose)                                                    MA.A.3.2.1
            Symmetry/ Congruence (Adank)
            Reading Log
            *Study your multiplication facts*
  Friday    Reading Log                                                                    MA.A.3.2.2
1/18/2008   *Study your multiplication facts*

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