1 Give the children a page of text and ask them to make notes by a5Z45O14


									1. Begin the topic by brainstorming
   what the children already know
   about the subject

2. Concept map the ideas into
   categories.This can be used for
   developing work on information
   retrieval,           paragraphs,
   subheadings bullet points and
   being able to write non-
   chronological             reports,
   explanations or recounts.
3. Develop K. W. L or Quad Grids .
   K.W.L.what the children know
   already, what they want to know
   and later what they have found out -
   Quad -Question, Answer, Detail,
   Source.Discuss what they know
   already ,pinpointing in particular
   any misconceptions.

4. From the K.W.L.or quad grids
   develop questions for the focus of
   the investigation. .Discuss the
   quality of the questions and the
   range of question words.Also what
   sources of information would be
5. This is the point in the process
   where the C. P. M. or teacher would
   model how to take notes or skim
   and scan for information.

6. Make sure that the questions are
   answered in the following research.
7. Develop knowledge of skimming
   and scanning for information.

8. Teacher model how to take notes.
9. Use the notes for a purpose i.e.
   within a writing frame,in a letter,
   writing a chapter of an historical
   novel, an article for a geographical
   magazine, etc.

10. Interview the children to find out
    whether they now find accessing
    information         easy        or
    difficult.Discuss what skills they
    have learned and how they
    approached the research.
11. Teacher observes the children again
    to see how well they apply what has
    been      modelled.     Particularly
    monitoring the progress of the
    children identified for the action

12. Record results of the observation.
13. Use the above strategies in the next
    term’s topic.

14. Monitor and assess the results after
    the children have followed the
    whole process.

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