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									Rx Medco Services for Transportation
and Translation

                           I had brought my father–in–law to US for
                           treatment. I had an important meeting
                           for two days and couldn’t assist him. He
                           and my wife both were facing certain
                           language      problem     and      hence,
                           communicating to doctors was a difficult
                           task. I decided to appoint Rx Medco,
                           whose medical interpreters provide round
                           the clock services and in over 250

With them, my wife and father–in–law felt very relaxed as they
explained each and every matter properly. With the devoted staff of
Rx Medco, they didn’t face any problem in communicating with the
doctor. I was worried a little on the first day, but when my wife
explained how good the assistance of Rx Medco was, I was stress-
free about the hospital issues next day and could attend the
meeting well

Rx Medco also provides translation services like On–Site
interpretation, Document translation, Conference Calls, On-Site
Translation of stipulations and final settlement.

Rx Medco also has well equipped non–emergency transportation
services and their services are recommended by doctors and used
by hospitals as well as private citizens, insurance companies and
HMOs, nursing or group homes and assisted living facilities.

I was fully satisfied with the services of Rx Medco.

For more information visit : http://www.rxmedco.com

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