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									                             Eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills

Are your eyes looking dull and giving away your age or making you look older and more tired than you
actually are? Read on to find out how cosmetic eye surgery can help you out!

                                            There is a popular, old English proverb which says that “eyes
                                            are the windows of the soul”. What this means is that when
                                            one looks into your eyes, they can see just what kind of
                                            person you are: is your soul good or does your soul lie? This
                                            phrase has been likened to a similar phrase: Never trust
                                            anyone who can’t look you in the eyes.

                                             Whether or not you can take this proverb to heart is a matter
                                             of what you personally believe to be true, but you’d be
                                             remiss to not admit that first impressions are very important
                                             when it comes to determining whether or not a person is
                                             trustworthy, and for most people, that first impression comes
                                             from eye contact. You could be the most wonderful,
friendliest person alive, but if your eyes do not convey that because they look dull and constantly tired,
people might look the other way before you even get the chance to show them your wonderful, friendly

If you feel that your eyes are giving people a misrepresentation of who you actually are as a person,
then perhaps it is time to do something about it with cosmetic eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills. Cosmetic
eye surgery, or blepharoplasty as it is formally called, is an elective surgical procedure that can treat the
signs of time and aging that has occurred around the eyes through the removal and redistribution of
excess fat and skin that have formed around the eyes.

More specifically, cosmetic eyelid surgery can eliminate folds and wrinkles that have appeared on the
upper eyelid and have contorted its natural contour as well as get rid of any wrinkles and fine lines that
have formed on the lower eyelid. Cosmetic eyelid surgery can also eliminate any puffiness to the upper
eyelid, permanent bags that have formed on the lower eyelid, and any drooping of the lower lid that
may have occurred.
In essence, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon can restore a youthful look about the eyes and rejuvenate
the surrounding eye areas to give the eyes a more rested and alert look with a cosmetic eyelid surgery.
Although results from a cosmetic eye surgery will appear within a few weeks, for some people, it can
take up to a year for full recovery and results to become apparent. Although the cosmetic eyelid surgery
is considered a permanent procedure, you will continue to age naturally after the procedure, making the
surgery seem less permanent. But it has been recommended that to prolong the results of the
procedure, you should avoid the harmful UV rays of the sun and wear sun protection at all times.

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