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University of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw by ZWjNJ5QI


									                                     Senior Lawyers Program

                                         University Information
Name of University:                                     University of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński
                                                        in Warsaw
Address University (Street, Postal Code,                ul. Wóycickiego 1/3, 01-938 Warsaw
Contact Person:                                         Marek Jeżewski
Contact Email:                                
Contact Phone:                                          +48 69 3847365
Contact Fax:                                            +48 22 5699704

Closest airport:                                        F. Chopin International Airport in Warsaw
Closest train station:                                  Dworzec Centralny in Warsaw
Does the Professor need a visa to entry                 No
your country?
Is housing within walking distance?                     Yes
Does the Professor have a cooking                       No
Is there Internet access (wired or wireless)?           No
Are the toilet facilities shared?                       No
Are there clothes washers in the housing                Yes
                                          General Information
Do you have an office for the Professor to              Yes, although it is a shared office
Do you have internet connection in the                  Yes
Professor’s office?
Do you have a website where Professor can Yes
upload teaching materials?
Can the Professor use PowerPoint in class?              Yes
Is a photocopy machine available?                       Yes

   Matzenkopfgasse 19, 5020 Salzburg, Austria, Tel.: 43 662 835399 Fax: 43 662 83539922 US Fax 1509 3560077
                                      Student / Class Information
Do the students speak English?                          Yes
If no English –will the Professor have an               N/A
Do the students use laptops in class?                   Usually they can
Do the students have computers at home?                 Usually Yes
What is the average age of the students?                22 (4th and 5th Year)
Do the students register for the course or do Yes, they register on the website
they come only when they have time?
Do the students work in addition to going to            Substantial group yes
Does the Professor have to prepare an                   Yes
Should the examination be oral or in writing            As preferred
(e.g. multiple choice answers)
Should the Professor prepare a certificate              Not required
for the students or does the University do

             Please send the filled out questionnaire back to Ms. Carola Wojak at

   Matzenkopfgasse 19, 5020 Salzburg, Austria, Tel.: 43 662 835399 Fax: 43 662 83539922 US Fax 1509 3560077

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