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									           English 9            March 2012                                                    Mrs. Cohen

     Sun          Mon                      Tue                    Wed                     Thu                        Fri                     Sat
                                                                                   1 Computer Lab:          2 self and peer edit        3
                                                                                   type essay               essay
                                                                                   HW: finish typing        HW: essay final draft
4          5                       6                       7                       8                        9 poetry posters due;    10
                                                           ADAMS notes:            finish poetry posters    vocabulary test: lists 1
                                   ADAMS notes and         meaning from                                     and 2; poetry matrix
                                   introduction; poetry    language; poetry        HW: study lists 1 and
           ADAMS diagnostic
                                   posters                 posters                 2 vocabulary
            test; poetry posters
                                   essay and prewriting:   essay and prewriting:   essay and prewriting:    essay and prewriting:
           essay and prewriting:
                                   (+ 7 points)            (+ 5 points)            (+ 3 points)             (last day to turn it in!)
           (+ 10 points)
11         12 ADAMS notes: A       13 homework due;        14 homework due; A      15 homework due;         16 homework due,            17
           sentence, A sentence    “English the Easy       sentence quiz;          ADAMS notes: B           collect; “Song of the
           ws I                    Way”; “The Bells,”      “Incident in a Rose     sentences (, and)        Open Road,” “The
           HW: A sentence ws II    “Annabel Lee”           Garden”                 HW: B sentence (, and)   Road Not Taken”;
                                   HW: study for A         HW: poem worksheet                               onomatopoeia ws
                                   sentence quiz; poem                                                      HW: poem
                                   worksheets                                                               worksheets

18         19 homework due;        20 homework due;        21 homework due,        22 homework due;         23 homework due; B     24
           simile, metaphor and    ADAMS notes: B          collect; ADAMS          “Grape Sherbet,” “My     sentence quiz; “Skater
           symbol poems; poem      sentences and           notes: B sentence and   Papa’s Waltz”            of Ghost Lake”
           assignment              semi-colon              colon; wrong B’s        HW: study for B          HW: poem worksheet
           HW: poem worksheets     HW: B sentence and      HW: colon and wrong     sentence quiz; poem
                                   semi-colon              B’s worksheets          worksheets

25         26 homework due;        27 poetry test          28 ADAMS notes:         29 poem due;             30 Furlough Day             31
           poetry test review                              C, D and E sentences    Poetry Reading
                                   HW: work on poem
           HW: study for poetry    (due 3-29)

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