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									                                       English 6
                                    Sixth Six Weeks

                                   Literature: Novel

See scope and sequence for TEKS, concepts and strategies.

Week 1-Read Novel “Summer of the Swans”

Week 2-Finish Novel

Week 3- Research Paper
        Go to library and research states to put together a travel brochure
        Research swans and West Virgina

Week 4-Read “Names/Nombres”

Week 4-Read “Names/Nombres”

Week 6-Last week of school hoop-la
                                        Reading 6
                                     Sixth Six Weeks

                                    Reading- Novel
                                   Writing- Research

See scope and sequence for TEKS, concepts and strategies.

The teachers will choose a novel of their choice.
Suggestions: “The Summer of the Swans” By Betsy Byers
                “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodginson Burnett
Choose a novel with a film version of the book.
-Discuss publishing information:
copyrights, reprinting, pseudonyms, paperback rights, royalties, prologue, epilogue,
sequel, and trilogy.
-The concepts and strategies are listed in the scope and sequence, plus continue using the
others listed in previous six weeks.
-The teachers may use teacher-generated assignments/worksheets/ test, publishers
generated resources and open book test.
-Vocabulary is very important in this genre. Listed are suggestions and concepts in
teaching vocabulary.
  -word wall
  -draw pictures of vocabulary words
  -vocabulary book/ journal
  -create sentences with words
  -pre-drill vocabulary word listed on board before reading
  -root/base words
  -prefixes/ suffixes
  -multiple meaning words
  -denotation/connotation meanings
  -synonyms/ antonyms
  -dictionaries/glossary/ thesaurus usage

Weeks 1-4
 Read novel daily or as the teacher schedules
  Include a variety of activities:
  -writing-journal/worksheets, vocabulary, research
  -drawing scenes from a chapter(s), character sketches, settings, sequence of events,
    booklets, story map, etc.
  -reenacting scenes from the book (drama)
  -interviewing a character-TV/newspaper report
 -character changes
  -write about the future(after the book) of a character or novel
 -research author, culture, issue, idea, etc.
Week 5
-view the video/DVD/ film version of the novel
  -review information from the novel for the final exam: Vocabulary, essay, short answer
questions, etc.
   -write a paper about the comparisons or the contrast in the printed version of the novel
and the film version or use a graphic organizer.

Week 6
-final exam from the novel
  -final exam from the district “ Names/Nombres” p. 250
  -end of the year programs/ formalities

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