Epic Hero Example by ZWjNJ5QI


									An epic hero whose                  Mr. Partay is an
sole mission in life                example of every
is to reach his                     teacher that
students through
                                    thinks high school
stale humor and
long, drawn-out
                                    is all about his
stories that go                     class. He’s the
nowhere. He thinks                  school counselor
he’s funny, but, in                 that thinks he’s
reality, he’s pretty                cool because he
pathetic. He                        wears tennis
thinks his class is                 shoes. He’s the
cool, but it’s                      English teacher
                                    who’s awesome in
Awesomely boring,
that is. Mr. Partay                 his own mind just
knows nothing of                    because he wears
this, however, and                  a Hawaiian shirt
thinks all students                 and flip-flops.
absolutely love both                He’s the epitome
he and his class.                   of those teachers
He’s become the                     that use words

                       Mr. Partay
patron saint of all
                                    like fo-shizzle
teachers who really
try, but just don’t
                                    and Holy
get it. Epic fail.                  Schnikies.

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