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Absolutego is the debut album by Japanese experimental doom band Boris. It
was released in 1996 by Fangs Anal Satan. This album shows a primitive sort of                       Absolutego
inspiration from the Melvins. Excluding the Merzbow collaboration Sun Baked
Snow Cave, it's the only "one-long-song" Boris album that isn't broken down into
multiple parts. Notably, up until Amplifier Worship, Takeshi had been called
"Ohtani." Whether that may be a nickname or his surname (in recent years,
Atsuo's last name has been revealed to be Mizuno) is unknown. In 2001 Southern
Lord Records re-released this album as Absolutego+ and included a bonus track.

 1 Track listing
 2 Pressing History
 3 References
 4 External links                                                                               Studio album by Boris

                                                                                     Released        1996
Track listing                                                                        Recorded        July 1996
                                                                                                     Sound Square 1997
 Fangs Anal Satan release                                                            Genre           Drone doom
 No. Title                                                                  Length                   Sludge metal
  1. "Absolutego"                                                            60:15                   Noise

 Southern Lord release                                                               Length          Fangs Anal Satan: 60:15
                                                                                                     Southern Lord: 73:24
 No. Title                                                                  Length
  1. "Absolutego"                                                            65:34   Label           Fangs Anal Satan
                                                                                                     Southern Lord (SUNN10)
  2. "Dronevil 2"                                                             7:50
                                                                                     Producer        Boris
Pressing History                                                                                    Boris chronology

                                   Out                                               Boris/Barebones    Absolutego      Boris/Tomsk 7
                                                                                          (1996)          (1996)            (1997)
Year     Label      Format Country of                       Notes
                                  Print?                                                             Alternative cover
     Fangs                                 Cover depicts a girl holding a large
1996 Anal           CD    Japan     Yes    snake; sound quality is tinny and
     Satan                                 more trebly than future releases
                                           Orange jewel box; new cover
2001          CD-R        U.S.      Yes    depicting Wata and guitar; U.S. bonus
       Southern                            Same cover as limited U.S. pressing,
2001            CD        U.S.      No
       Lord                                includes bonus track
       Southern                            2000 Black vinyl, 1000 red vinyl; New
2010            Vinyl     U.S.      No
       Lord                                cover; Includes bonus track
                                                                                                      2001 re-release

References                                                                                         Professional ratings
   1. ^ York, William. Absolutego review Retrieved on 2011-06-24.                    Review scores
                                                                                        Source                       Rating
External links                                                                          Allmusic                              [1 ]
     Absolutego       at MusicBrainz

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