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									             CHALLENGING WORDS



Mr. Putter’s love of toys is almost as strong as
 his affections for his cat. Are Mr. Putter and
     Tabby too old to play with airplanes?
                  --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Tell me where the setting of our story is in the beginning.
(Answer)    The toy store.
(Follow Up)   Why was Mr. Putter at the toy store?

(2) Imagine how Mr. Putter felt on his way home with the plane.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Share with me how Tabby felt.

(3)   Guess how Mr. Putter felt when he was able to finally fly the
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Have you ever flown a remote control plane or seen one
               being flown?

(4)   Compare a time you had with Mr. Putter’s difficulty in getting
      the plane to fly.
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Describe how Tabby the cat was acted while he was having

(5) The little boy in the story becomes a hero. Define hero.
(Answer)    A person admired for their achievements and qualities.
(Follow Up)    Tell me someone you think is a hero.

(6)   Explain what happened to the little boy whenever the shy boy
      flew the airplane.
(Answer)     He became strong, sure and happy.
(Follow Up)     Who sis the little boy remind Tabby of?

(7) Describe the plane that Mr. Putter bought.
(Answer)    It was white and red with two wings on each side and had a
            remote control.
(Follow Up)    Name another toy that might come with a remote control.

(8)   Find what Mr. Putter promised Tabby she could have when they
      got home from the store.
(Answer)    A nice cup of tea with lots of cream and a warm English muffin.
(Follow Up)    Have you ever had an English muffin?

(9)   Tell me what Mr. Putter felt like when he let the children take
      turns flying the airplane.
(Answer)     A proud grandpa.
(Follow Up)     Does Mr. Putter have any other family members?

(10)  Look for what the book said Mr. Putter had and was all he
(Answer)    Tabby the cat.
(Follow Up)    Do you have a pet cat, or any other kind of pet?

1.   Write a set of instructions explaining how to start a toy plane, toy
     car, or other remote control motorized toy.

2.   Pretend you are the little boy and write a thank you note to Mr.
     Putter for giving you the airplane.

3.   Imagine going to a toy store and you could choose anything to
     take home with you. What would it be and why? Use descriptive
     words telling what toy you would choose.

4.   Write another chapter to the book about Mr. Putter and Tabby.


1.   . Have a remote control vehicle or airplane. Ask the children if
     they have ever driven or flown one. Today our story is about a
     man who loves toys, airplanes in particular. Let’s read to se if he
     has any of his own or gets any.

2.   Have pictures of many different kinds of airplanes old and new.
     Discuss with children if they have ever flown or want to fly. Today
     our story is about a man who loved airplanes as a young boy, let’s
     read and see if he still likes them.

3.   Have different toys, plane included. Ask children if they like
     playing with toys, and which one of these they would choose if
     they could play with them. We are going to read about a man who
     loves toys, one kind of toy in particular. Let’s read and see what
     he likes so much.

Book: Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly The Plane
Author: Cynthia Rylant                     Illustrator: Arthur Howard
ISBN:    0-15-256353-2                     # of Text Pages: 18        AR: 3.5 LEX: 460
                                Building Oral Vocabulary
 6          trapeze           8         monoplanes           29          clumsy
                                  Prediction Questions
 6  What toy do you think Mr. Putter likes best?
11 What do you think Mr. Putter is going to do with the plane?
17 How do you think Tabby felt?

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