Blooms Taxonomy Nebraska Frameworks by 1zCgCS


									Appendix 3.5 Bloom's Taxonomy and the Nebraska Foreign
Language Frameworks _______________________________
                                      (Adapted by Marie Trayer, Coordinator)

 What stndeots will do:
  Knowledge/          Application                   Analysis                  Synthesis             Evaluation
Comprehension         (Beginning and                (Developing,            (Developing,            (Developing,
(Beginning)           Developing)                   Expanding)              Expanding)              Expanding)
Write telegrams     Dub cartoons, TV            Identify elements        Write and               Prioritize solutions
                    shows                       of a particular         alternative ending      to cultural dilemmas
                                                literary form           to a story
Arrange lines of        Command others          Analyze the lyrics of   Predict                 Express and justify
dialogues               step-by-step to         popular songs to        consequences if         opinions on creative
                        prepare a typical       compare both            other historical        products of the
                        cultural dish           cultures'               events would have       culture
                                                perspectives            resulted differently
Fill out authentic      Produce questions       Compare points of       Write titles for a      Give and support
forms from the          with correct            view found in two       play, story, or         opinions about
target country          pronunciation           editorials              article                 issues
Explain proverbs,       Apply a cultural        Analyze a story,        Write headlines in      Evaluate TV
slang                   custom to a real-life poem, and other           newspaper style on      shows, movies,
                        situation in the target authentic materials     current issues in the   cartoons
                        country                                         target country
Listen for              Interview classmates Analyze a scene in         Predict future          Write an editorial
sequence                on their daily          the target culture      events                  giving and
                        activities                                                              supporting your
Explain "What?      Plan a menu for            Find evidence to         Write a diary of an     Express the pro's
Who? Where?         occasions typical          support opinion          imaginary trip          and con's of
How? Why?"          of the target                                                               policies
Give description of Make shopping              Compare students'        Extend a story          Give and support
scenes from a video lists for various          customs with the                                 the decision in a
presentation        cultural social            target culture's                                 mock trial
Describe pictures   Apply rules of             Conduct a survey         Hypothesize the         Write an ambassador
from the target     correct cultural           and analyze the          reaction to different   with suggestions for
country             protocol while             results                  situations based on     the resolution of a
                    dining in the target                                the cultural beliefs    real-world problem
Define words        Classify words,            Analyze the typical      Compose a poem,         Justify decisions
                    poems, authentic           foods of the target      skit, role-play,        on what sites to
                    materials, genre           country for              advertisement           visit in the target
                                               nutritional value                                culture
Listen and              Apply gestures         Identify the best        Create hypothetical     Read an editorial
paraphrase in           learned to an          route to an historic     real-world              in the target
English a               authentic situation    site in the target       situations found in     country's
conversation heard                             country                  the target culture      newspaper,
in the target                                                                                   respond and send
language                                                                                        response
Draw picture from       Apply reading          Play the role of a   Create an                   Evaluate to
verbal information      strategies to          tourist who bargains infomercial                 determine the best
of a target culture's   understand             for merchandise in                               World Wide Web
scene or object         authentic texts        the target country                               pages for sources of
                                                                                                current events in the
                                                                                                target country

                                Source: Nebraska Department of Education. (1996). Nebraska K-12 Foreign
                                   Language Frinnfworks. Lincoln: NE. Nebraska Department of Education.

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