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									                                  English 180: Solberg
                      Formatting Guidelines for Final Drafts of Essays
You will follow Modern Language Association (MLA) manuscript format for all essays unless
otherwise noted. For more information, see the Bedford Handbook.
1. All essays must be typed.
2. Use an 11-12 point standard font such as Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, Times, or Courier.
3. Margins: Use 1-inch margins on all four edges of text. Use a half-inch margin for headers.
4. Left-align your text.
5. Double-space your essay, including your headers.
6. Do NOT leave an extra line of blank space between paragraphs. MSWord often
   automatically puts in extra space, so you may need to change this formatting manually
   and/or reset your default settings by using the Paragraph Formatting Menu. ASK if you
   can’t figure it out.
7. The first line of all paragraphs should be indented one-half-inch.
8. Paper-clip or staple the pages of your final draft together.
9. I PREFER but do not require, that all drafts, including the final draft, be double-sided.
1. First-page identification info: Do not use a title page or cover sheet. Instead, the top of
   your first page should include a left-aligned, double-spaced header with
         your name
         the course name/number
         my name (Professor Erika Solberg)
         the assignment name
         the date
         audience (such as The Monmouth Courier, etc.), IF REQUIRED for that assignment.
2. Title: See webpage on titles for ideas on how to title your essay. Look in the index of the
   Bedford Handbook under Titles for guidance on capitalization, quotation marks, etc. Your
   title should be
         centered on the page between the identification info and the start of your essay.
         written in regular type following standard capitalization rules.
         NOT be put in bold, italicized, underlined, or larger type or placed in quotation marks.
3. Page numbers: All pages of your essay, including the first page and the Works Cited
   page, should have a header with your name and page number in the upper right-hand
   corner of the page.
4. Honesty Statement: After the end of the text of your essay, leave two lines of blank space
   and type out this statement in regular font: The writing in this essay is my own work. If
   I’ve used outside sources, I’ve acknowledged them through correct documentation.
   Then attest to the statement's truth by signing your name in ink.

(next page has examples)

                                              First Page

                                                                                  Williams 1

Serena Williams

English 180

Professor Erika Solberg

Essay #1

September 20, 2010

           Losing Childhood by Finding Your Self: Characterization in Roth’s Divergent

   The beginning of the essay should start here. Your first paragraph continues on and on and

on and on and on on and on and on on and on doo dah, doo dah and on and on on and on and

on and on on go Red Sox on on and on and on and on on and on and Briscoe and Louie on and

on and on on and on and on on and on until you finish it.

                                       Pages after the first


and now you continue on with your essay on this page …….

                                        Honesty Statement

… this is the last line of your essay here.

The writing in this essay is my own work. If I’ve used outside sources, I’ve acknowledged them
through correct documentation.
Any essay that uses an outside source, such as a literary text, needs a works cited page.
1. This page is part of your essay, not a separate document, and so it should include a page
   number in the upper-right-hand corner, should use the same font type and size as the rest of
   your essay, and should be paper-clipped or stapled together with your other pages.
2. However, you will start the Works Cited page as a new page after the end of the text of your
   essay and your honesty statement.
3. The page should have the title of Works Cited. Put this title centered at the top of the page.
   The title should be written in regular type following standard capitalization rules. Do not put
   your title in bold, italicized, underlined, or larger type or place it in quotation marks.
4. See the Bedford Handbook for clear examples and for additional crucial details on how to
   construct this page – do not just guess! The basics include:
       Items should be listed in alphabetical order.
       You should double-space text but NOT put extra space between entries, just like in
            your essay.
       Each entry should use a hanging indentation, where the first line is NOT indented but
            the second, third, etc. lines ARE indented (1/2 inch). MSWord has a feature under
            Paragraph Formatting where you can set up hanging indentations. ASK if you
            cannot figure it out.

PORTFOLIO FORMAT: Essays will be submitted as portfolios with all materials in a two-pocket
folder. See individual essay assignment sheet for more information. Be sure to label all portfolio
items that do not already have a header on them (for instance, you do not need to label your
final essay draft). Please staple or paperclip together all items that belong together, such as all
prewriting work.

MINIMUM STANDARDS: Although correct formatting is not the most important thing for you to
learn this semester, following these directions demonstrates a certain level of care in your work
and makes your essays easier to read and grade. Therefore, I reserve the right to require
you to redo the formatting on any essay that does not meet a minimum standard. If you
are required to reformat an essay, I will not record a grade for that essay until you
reformat it. PLEASE ask me if you have any questions or concerns about formatting (after you
have read these directions).

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