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In the Book of Judges in the Hebrew Bible, Abimelech ( /əˈbɪməˌlɛk/; ) was a
                                                                                                          Judges in the Bible
son of the great judge Gideon (Judges 9:1 ); thus his name / can best be
                                                                                                              In the Book of Joshua
interpreted "my father, the king". "Abimelech", a name claiming the inherited right                                   Joshua†
to rule, was also a common name of the Philistine kings. He was, however,                                     In the Book of Judges
merely the son of Gideon's concubine, and to make good his claim to rule over                                          Othniel
Manasseh, he resorted to force. He put to death his 70 half-brothers, aided by his                                     Ehud
mother's relatives, "on one stone" at Ophrah. Jotham, the youngest brother,
escaped, however. Abimelech ruled just three years in Shechem after the death of                                      Barak†
his father (Judges 8:33-9:6 ). According to Judges 9:6 , he was made "king".                                          Gideon
                                            According to the Bible, he was an                                           Tola
                                            unprincipled, ambitious ruler, often engaged                                Jair
                                            in war with his own subjects. When                                       Jephthah
                                            engaged in reducing the town of Thebez,
                                            which had revolted, he was struck on the                                   Abdon
                                            head by a mill-stone, thrown by the hand                                  Samson
                                            of a woman from the wall above. Realizing                            In First Samuel
                                            that the wound was mortal, he ordered his                                  Eli†
                                            armor-bearer to thrust him through with his
                                                                                                        †Not explicitly described as a judge
                                            sword, so that it might not be said he had
                                                                                                                                         V   · T· E·
                                            perished by the hand of a woman (Judges
                                            9:50-57 ).

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                                                            Abimelech of Manasseh
                                                               Clan of Abiezer
                                                     Cadet branch of the Tribe of Manasseh

                                                Preceded by                          Succeeded by
                                                                Ruler of Israel
                                                  Gideon                                 Tola

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