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Abigail Pierrepont (Abby) Johnson [3] (born December 19, 1961) is an
                                                                                                        Abigail Johnson
American businesswoman. Johnson is President of Fidelity Investments Personal
and Workplace Investing. Fidelity is led by her father, Edward C. (Ned) Johnson            Born          December 19, 1961 (age 50)

III.                                                                                       Residence     Boston, Massachusetts [1 ]

                                                                                           Citizenship United States [1 ]
                                                                                           Education     William Smith College
 1 Education & career
                                                                                                         Harvard Business School
 2 Awards, honors, and society memberships
                                                                                           Occupation President, Fidelity Investments
 3 Wealth
                                                                                                      Personal, Workplace and
 4 See also                                                                                           Institutional Services [2 ]
 5 References
                                                                                           Net worth        US$ 10.3 billion (est.)
                                                                                                         (Forbes, March 2012) [2 ]
Education & career                                                                         Spouse        Christopher J. McKown
                                                                                                         (m. 1988) [3 ][4 ]
Johnson is an alumna of Buckingham Browne & Nichols school (secondary
education), Hobart and William Smith Colleges (B.A. in art history, 1984), and             Children      two [1 ][4 ]

Harvard Business School (M.B.A., 1988). She lives in Milton, Massachusetts.                Relatives     Edward C. Johnson II
                                                                                                         (grandfather), Edward C.
After a brief stint as a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton from 1985–86 and her                        Johnson III (father), Edward C.
MBA, she joined her father's company, Fidelity Investments, as an equity portfolio                       Johnson IV (brother) [5 ]
manager from 1988 until 1997. She was promoted to an executive role in Fidelity
Management and Research (FMR) in 1997 and has held various senior executive posts inside FMR, Fidelity Institutional
Retirement Services and Fidelity Investments since then.

Awards, honors, and society memberships
Johnson currently serves as a member of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation. She is also a member of the Board
of Directors of the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA).

According to Forbes, she is the 22nd richest person in the United States and 48th in the world, with a net worth of $11.3
billion in September 2010. [2] During the same period, her father was 33rd in the U.S. and 85th in the world with net worth of
$7.1 billion.[6]

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