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FOURTH SUNDAY OF LENT – YEAR B                                                                   17 /18 MARCH 2012

Twenty-two days gone already this Lent! Less than twenty left, yet I don’t like the way I’m fasting! ….. Haven’t quite felt
a real pinch of what I gave up this Lent and I’m wondering whether it was worth it.

I hate the way many Catholics are fasting! A few biscuits less! A few chocolates less! A glass of wine twice a week as
opposed to the usual pint a day! And I am asking myself: is that worth a catholic fast?

Then I heard a voice: “If you want to fast, it’s no joking matter! Dig deep into your reserves, into your earnings, into all
your resources, and do something reasonable for a good cause” ….. Then I heard a group had done it! You know who
they are? RANGERS FOOTBALL PLAYERS! For a good cause, to save their club, they gave up as much as 75% of
their wages!

You might have given less. Another might have given more. But what is important: Give with all your heart. No! Give
                                                                                                    Fr. Bon

                                                   MASS INTENTIONS
  ENGLISH MARTYRS                                      DAYS                    ST JOSEPH’S
  Deceased members of Herbert &             6.30 pm    Vigil
  McDermott families RIP
  Olive, Egbert & Joe D’Cruz RIP            9.30 am        SUNDAY               8.30 am    Sister Patience’s Intentions
  Monica Allen RIP                         11.30 am                            10.30 am    Annie Kate Walshe
  Phyllis Ott RIP                          5.00 pm                                         & Thomas Walshe RIP

  Phyllis Ott RIP                          9.30 am         Monday               8.30 am    Paddy Urban RIP
  Kathleen Gibbons’ Intentions             9.30 am         Tuesday              7.00 pm    Ada Morgan RIP
  Bro Athanasius Early RIP                 9.30 am         Wednesday            9.00 am    Paddy Urban RIP
  Michael O’Grady RIP                      7.30 pm
  May Smith RIP                            6.30 am         Thursday             9.00 am    Esther Fitzpatrick RIP
  Mary Foley’s Intentions                  8.00 pm
  Phyllis Ott RIP                          9.30 am         Friday             7.00 pm Stations of the Cross
                                                                              7.30 pm Ada Morgan RIP
                                                           Saturday         10.00 am John & Bridgie O’Driscoll RIP
                          Monday – ST JOSEPH                   Friday – St Turibius of Mongrovejo
  Thursday 7- 8 pm                     EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT                     Saturday – 9.30 - 10 am
  Saturday – 5.30-6.15 pm                       CONFESSIONS - SATURDAY                         Saturday – 10.30 – 11 am
                Responsorial Psalm: “O let my tongue cleave to my mouth if I remember you not!”

  Many thanks to all who made our Celebrate the Saints              and the Divine Mercy Centre in Bamenda. Once the
  event such a great success – by helping to organise it,           Government has matched our gift to CAFOD, that’s a
  donating money, food or raffle prizes, or simply enjoying         grant total of £1200.91 for our Lent causes. Thanks again
  yourselves on the night. It was a truly celebratory               for your enthusiasm and generosity.
  evening of song, dance and community spirit and,
  together, we raised £800.61 to be split between CAFOD             Don’t forget: Clocks go forward next weekend.
 DIARY:                                                                  Celebrating Marriage 2012
                                    rd                                       th
 Church Cleaning: Group 1 – 23 March.                        On Saturday, 16 June, there will be a special Mass
                                                             at St Bede’s, Basingstoke for couples in our diocese
                   th                                        celebrating significant wedding anniversaries. If you
 Counters: 25 March – Mrs Conroy, Mrs Connolly,                                                         th   th
 Mrs McSharry, Mrs Guest.                                           are celebrating your 25th, 40th, 50 , 60
                                                             anniversary during 2012, or any anniversary over 60
                        st                                   years, please let your parish priest know as soon as
 SVP Meeting on 21 March at 8 pm in Room 1.
                                                                  possible so that the Bishop can send you an
 Collections:                                                   invitation. Attendance will be by invitation only.
 11/3/12                                   £1037.08           For more information contact: Katja Babei, Advisor
                                                                   for Marriage and Family Life, Park Place.
 There will be a Special Collection this weekend for    
 Clergy Assistance Fund.                                                       Tel: 01329 835583

Sat     9:30–    EM School Seventh Children’s                   Pendennis Avenue, Caversham Park Village,
        10:30am            Session –                                        Reading RG4 6SS
                           Passover                                  Tel/Fax: (0118) 9375544 - e-mail:
               CONFIRMATION – MARCH 2012                           Headteacher: Mrs Madeleine Cosgrove
Mon 19          7.30-8.45pm Session for parents                        Required for September 2012
Mon 26          7.30-8.45pm Session 3 – Confirmation                    Reception Teacher – FTE
Fri 30          7.30-8.30pm Stations of the Cross led
                            by the Confirmation               Please see the notice board for more information.
                            Group                                 Closing Date: Midday, Friday 23 March.
                                                                        Interviews: Friday 27 April
Our Lady of      7.30pm Tuesday 27th March                                   BRIDIE MOTEN RIP
Peace, Earley.                                                This week we received news that Bridie Moten has
St John Bosco,   7pm     Thursday 29 March                      died. Bridie used to live in Gairn Close before
Woodley.                                                       moving to the Midlands to be with her niece. Her
St Anne’s,       7.30pm Thursday 29th March                    husband Billy died in 1982 and parishioners may
Caversham.                                                    remember them. Following Bridie’s Funeral Mass
Christ the King, 7pm     Friday 30 March                          her ashes will be interred here in Reading.
Whitley.                                                     ___________________________________________________
English Martyrs  11am    Saturday 31 March                                                st
St James
                 7.30pm Monday 2 April                              PALM SUNDAY – 1 APRIL
                 7.30pm Tuesday 3rd April                    Because the Reading Half-Marathon is being run on
St Joseph’s                                                          st
                                                             Sunday 1 April (with Father Richard in the lead ….!)
                                                             the Mass times have been changed to: Sat 6.30pm,
                        PASSOVER MEAL
                                                             Sun 9am, Sun 5pm. Please make a note that the
The Passover Meal will be held on Wednesday 4 April
                                                   th          morning Mass is half an hour earlier than usual
  in the Parish Hall from 7.30pm. Tickets will soon be                  and there is no 11.30am Mass.
 available but will need to be limited because of space.
   This is a marvellous opportunity to add meaning to            Vacancies at Christian Community Action
  your celebration to the Easter Triduum which begins
                                                              Shop Manager, Oxford Road. 21 hours per week,
on Maundy Thursday with the Mass of the Last Supper.
                                                               £8.63 per hour. Please phone 9512336 or email
                                                         for more details.
                                                                           Closing date 20 March.
   The final Mass for this term will be celebrated this      Supervisor (paternity cover) – Silver Street Furniture
Sunday at St William of York Church at 6pm. There will       Outlet. 21 hours per week including one Saturday in
then be a break over the Easter period – restarting with       three. £7.23 per hour. Please phone 9759459 or
               Mass on Sunday 22 April.                            email for more details.
____________________________________________                                               th
                                                                           Closing date 20 March.
               Sister Maureen’s Retreat
  This will take place on Wednesday 28 March from             Volunteer Experienced Fundraiser. We wish to
   10am – 2pm. All Welcome. Please bring a Bible                          th
                                                              use our 20 Anniversary as an opportunity to raise
                   and a packed lunch.                          significant sums of money from Grant and Trust
______________________________________________________       making bodies. Hours to suit. If you would like to be
             COALITION FOR MARRIAGE                            involved or for more information email Ann-Marie
          LEGAL DEFINITION OF MARRIAGE                           Paterson on
 The Church is supporting the Petition organised by the
 Coalition for Marriage and you are encouraged to sign            THE PARISH OFFICE WILL RE-OPEN ON
the Petition which is available at the back of the church.                          th
                                                                         MONDAY 19 MARCH

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