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Aberconwy Abbey


									Aberconwy Abbey
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia                                                             Coordinates: 53.2807°N 3.8289°W

Aberconwy Abbey was a Cistercian foundation at Conwy, later
transferred to Maenan near Llanrwst and in the 13th century was the
most important abbey in North Wales.
A Cistercian house was founded at Rhedynog Felen near Caernarfon
in 1186 by a group of monks from Strata Florida Abbey. About four or
five years later they moved to Conwy, and in 1199 were given large
grants of land by Llywelyn the Great who had recently become ruler of
Gwynedd. Llywelyn was regarded as the founder of the house, and
thanks to his support it came to hold more land than any other Welsh
abbey, over 40,000 acres (160 km²). On Llywelyn's death in 1240 he
was buried at the abbey, and his son and successor Dafydd ap
Llywelyn was also buried here in 1246. In 1248 Llywelyn's other son,
Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, who had died trying to escape from the Tower
of London in 1244, was reburied at Aberconwy after the abbot of           The former abbey church, now the parish church for Conwy

Aberconwy, together with the abbot of Strata Florida, had arranged for
his body to be repatriated from London.
The abbot of Aberconwy was an important figure in the negotiations
between Llywelyn the Last and the English crown later in the century,
and in 1262 was entrusted with the task of being Llywelyn's sole
representative in negotiations.
In 1282, Edward I of England surrounded Snowdonia with a massive
army. On 11 December Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Tywysog Cymru, was
lured into a trap and murdered. In 1283 King Edward I of England
obliged the monks to move from Conwy to Maenan, further up the
Conwy valley (53.1733°N 3.8123°W), so that he could construct a
castle and walled town at Conwy. The move had been completed by
1284, with Edward financing the building of a new abbey. In the 15th                 abbey church doorway
century the abbot, John ap Rhys, became involved in a dispute with
Strata Florida Abbey and led some of his monks and some soldiers on
a raid on that abbey. The abbey was valued at £162 in 1535 and was suppressed in 1537.
Little remains of the Maenan Abbey buildings, but the original abbey church in Conwy was adapted to become the parish
church and though much rebuilt over the centuries some parts of the original church remain. The other buildings of the abbey
are thought to have been located north and east of the church.

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