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					Name of Grant Program: Adult Basic Education                                               Fund Code: 359
                       English Literacy and Civics Education

                             PART III - REQUIRED PROGRAM INFORMATION

Please respond to the following requests and/or questions in narrative form in the Part III -
Required Information section of the SMARTT Program Planning Module.

1. Describe how the program has linked ESOL instruction to civics education emphasizing the rights and
   responsibilities of citizenship, the naturalization process, civic participation, and United States History
   and government. Highlight particularly effective practices and resources you have developed.

2. Describe the activities being proposed for FY2011 that will address civics education.

3. Describe the role that students, program staff, and other community members have in developing the
   curriculum and lesson plans. Describe how the program will align its curriculum with the
   Massachusetts ABE/ESOL Curriculum Frameworks.

4. Describe any collaborations that the program has developed with groups and organizations that
   provide naturalization and other support to immigrants.

5. Describe briefly how the program is going to respond to the changing needs in the community caused
   by the economic downturn. Some examples include:
    a. intensive classes (9 hours or more);
    b. next steps programming (e.g. job skills training, etc.); and
    c.   collaborations with other partners (Career Centers, businesses, etc.) to provide more intensive

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