ELD Lesson Cycle by 1zCgCS


									                                      ELD Lesson Cycle

Each student will prepare three ELD lessons: ELD 1, ELD 2, ELD 3.

   ELD 1 Beginning
   ELD 2 Early Intermediate
   ELD 3 Intermediate

All three lessons contain one English Language Arts Content Standard which is repeated in
all three lessons.

Each lesson contains an instructional activity, student activity, and assessment aligned to
the ELD standard and lesson level.

Lesson are created using TaskStream or a duplicate format.

The rubric is used to grade all three lessons for a holistic score.

Some criteria to consider while designing these lessons are:

       If the lessons do not contain ELD standards from three levels, they are not complete.

       If the lessons do not contain an English Language Arts standard, they are not

       The lessons may or may not contain a rubric for student assessment. Some other
       assessment measurements are an observation checklist or student product.

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