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					Home Buying Tips
   By BharatEstates.com
Analyze your

The first thing before looking out for
a home is to look into your pockets.
Your financial status plays a major
role and is amongst the most
important factor to be considered
while buying a house. Sit down with
a calculator and check your present
financial position.
Look out for a
trustworthy lender

Once you are clear on your
financial status, start looking
out for good lenders. Consider
factors like interest rates liable
for the given duration, time
taken to sanction the loan
amount and time taken for
paperwork. Short list the
lender based on your research
and other sources of reliable
Fix the location of
your choice

Before entering into the
process of property buying just
narrow in on the perfect
location which fits your need
just right!
Get hold of the
ideal property
Now start looking for the
property of your choice.
Consider factors like the floor
space, number rooms, number
of balconies, parking
provisions, water facilities,
security, play area lift and
other necessary amenities.
Check out for Vaastu
Work on the zeroed
in property

When you put in your hard
earned money on the property
of your choice, negotiating on
the final payable amount is
essential. Know the best deal
possible on the property.
Negotiate hard so that at the
end of the day, you have your
dream home on one hand and
a satisfaction of acquiring it for
a good price on the other
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