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Abduction! by Peg Kehret, is a novel about a 13 year old girl named Bonnie who
searches for her brother Matt and their dog Pookie who were both abducted.                              Abduction!

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Plot Summary
Matt, a six year old boy, is kidnapped by his father, Denny, who he had never met.
Though he has always dreamed of meeting him, nothing is the way he thought it
would be given his father is only using Matt to obtain money to gamble. With little
clues to follow, Matt's mother and sister, and the police, are doing everything they can
to find him. Matt's sister, Bonnie, sees Matt at a Mariner's baseball game, but is
caught by Denny. Now both captive, the siblings attempt to escape. On the ferry,
Bonnie signals to Matt to throw his hardest pitch. The baseball hits Denny, which                       First edition cover

allows the two to escape. Denny is then apprehended. [1]                                   Author(s)            Peg Kehret

                                                                                           Country              USA
                                                                                           Language             English
Peg Kehret states that the inspiration for the novel comes from her conversations          Publisher            Dutton Juvenile
with her neighbour, a police officer. After learning from him that the main problem        Publication date     November 2004
was that abducted children were tricked into going along with the kidnapper despite
                                                                                           Media type           Print (Hardcover)
having been taught otherwise, she decided to write a novel on an abducted child.
Kehret hoped that by writing this novel, children would learn to think twice when          Pages                192

approached by someone unexpected and asked to go with them. [2]                            ISBN                 978-0-14-240617-5

In researching abducted children in America, Kehret commented that she was
surprised to see the high number of children currently listed as missing, and how many of those are taken by a relative. [2]
In terms of character names, initially the abductor's name was Perry, but after a librarian was added called Perry, this was
changed to Denny. [2]
Kehret has stated that no particular author or book influenced her work but that she had a sense of what she hoped to
accomplish and worked to achieve that. [2]

On March 30, 2006, this book was featured on a KMSP newscast discussing a parent who was disturbed by the book when
her 4th grader brought it home and read it aloud. This book contains graphic language including a descriptive account of a
man holding a gun to a woman's heart. [citation needed]

In 2007, Abduction! was awarded the Mark Twain Award by the Missouri Association of School Librarians. [3]
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