Marriage May Not be What You Think by aniezhaimoethiya


									Marriage May Not Be What You Think It Will Be

The sad part is, marriage is almost never what you think it will be. Couples fall in love for
different reasons and they get married for different reasons and if you asked 100 different
couples what they thought their marriage would be like, chances are they would tell you

I don't know what I thought it would be like exactly, but I didn't think it would be like this.

Married Couples Spend As Much Time Apart As Together

People think that when you get married, you spend all of your free time with your spouse. You
may even do that - for a while, during what we call the honeymoon phase - but eventually, life
and commitments will have you spending time apart whether its due to divergent schedules,
divergent interests or divergent needs. It happens.

Kids Change the Landscape Of Your Marriage

Absolutely, kids change your marriage - they change how you view it, what you need from it and
how you respond to each other. You get to see the other side of things - the side where the world
isn't always so rosy on sleep deprivation and when your expectations of your spouse may not be
expressed because you want them to volunteer to help and not just wait to be asked and so much
Marriages Change Over Time

Yes - my marriage today is not what it was when we tied the knot and I doubt it could be.
Marriages change over time because the people in them change. Change doesn't mean bad and it
doesn't have to mean divorce. It may mean that you and your spouse need to reacquaint
yourselves and that you need to rediscover the connections you share - but never, ever diminish
the power of shared history.

Marriage may not be what you think it will be, but it's like an unending adventure as your
journey through the years together - sometimes you are holding hands, sometimes arm in arm
and other times you are walking a foot apart - but you're together and that counts.

Is your marriage what you thought it would be?

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