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Abba or Alfbad was a Frisian count who ruled in the 8th century. In the name of
the Frankish king Pepin the short he governed the territory of Oostergo in the                              Abba
present day province of Friesland, Netherlands.                                                         Count of Frisia

                                                                                          Reign          8th Century
Abba came from the Frisian elite that flourished under the rule of the Franks.
After the defeat at Jirnsum in the Battle of the Boarn the Frisian kingdom was finished (734). West of Lauwers Friesland fell
into Frankish hands. Under major-domo Charles Martel's rule the Frisian pagans started to become Christian. The Frisian
nobility played an important role in this.
It is apparent that Abba's appointment became respected. He belonged to the Frisian nobility. Most believe that he was one
of the first governors in the period after the fule of the Frisian kings. He played an important fole in the Christianisation for the
Friese. It is known that after the death of Saint Boniface in 754 that he directed the building of a church in Dokkum
consecrated to Boniface.
There are also indications that Abba was a direct descendant of the Frisian king Radboud.

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