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					                                               Class of 2009, 2010, 2011
                                                                                                    Very Competitive
    Subject      La Costa Canyon        California State University CSU &        Community             Colleges &           NCAA
  Requirements     High School          University of California UC               College             Universities          Division I & II

English          4 years                (A) 4 years College Prep English                                                    4 years

Mathematics      3 years: must          (B) 3 years: Algebra I, Geometry,         No subject             Courses            3 years
                 include Algebra I                   Algebra II                  requirements       (honors, advanced       (Algebra I &
                                                     (4 years recommended)                              placement)          higher)
                                                                                                                            (2 yrs -Div II)
                                                                                                    beyond minimum
Social Science   1 yr. World History    (C) 2 years: 1 year World History          English &         requirements for       2 years
                 1 yr. US History                    1 year US History                math             CSU/UC are
                 1 yr. Gov’t/Econ.                                                 placement          recommended.
                                                                                 tests required
Science          1 year biological      (D) 2 years Laboratory Science              prior to                                2 years
                 1 year physical           biological & physical                   enrollment                               (1 year of lab)
                                           (3 years recommended)
Language Other                          (E) 2 years of same language                                     Admission          4 years of
Than English                               (3 years recommended)                                  requirements will vary    additional
                                                                                                       at each private      from any
Visual &         1 year                 (F) 1 year Visual or Performing Arts     18 years old       college/university –    area above,
Performing Art                              (dance, theater, music,visual art)     or high            check with each       foreign
                                                                                    school                 college/         lang.,or
Practical Art    1 semester                                                       graduate             university for       philosophy/
                                                                                                   specific requirements    nondoctrinal
Health           1 semester                                                                                                 (3 yrs -Div.II)
Physical         2 years
Electives        70 credits             (G) 1 year College-Preparatory                                                      1 additional
                 *Courses beyond            Elective                                                                        yr. of Eng.,
                 minimum requirements                                                                                       math or sci.
                 are given elective                                                                                         (2 yrs-Div.II)
Testing          High School Exit       CSU: SAT or ACT w/writing                                 Check with each           SAT or
                 Exam                   UC: SAT or ACT w/writing &                                college, generally they   ACT
                                           SAT Subject Exams (2)                                  require SAT or ACT,
                                                                                                  & some require SAT
                                                                                                  subject exams.

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