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									Instructor: Tina Royer
English 1A
Writing Assignment #2

Due Dates:
2/28—Peer Review
3/7—Post on Web CT and email to

Why Am I Attending College?

This question has two parts to it. First, what are your specific reasons for choosing to
come to college? That is, have you always been a good student and always knew you
would go to a university? Did someone (a teacher, a friend, a parent) encourage you to
continue your education? Do you participate in a sport and were offered a scholarship?

And second, on the most personal level, each of your reasons for coming to college are
very different, but on a larger level, many of your reasons are similar: you want a job
from which you can earn a good living; you recognize that educated people are often
more successful than non-college educated people. What are some of the larger reasons
you came to college?

In your essay, you must discuss both of these questions at length. But the format is up to
you. You can choose to answer one first and then the other, or you may decide to answer
them simultaneously. You can include outside resources (interviews, statistics, etc.) to
help you answer the second question if you’d like, but you are not required to do so.

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