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June 2012

Dear Parents of incoming 8th grade students,

Welcome to the Middle School Summer Reading Program. In keeping with our desire to promote a
commitment to lifelong learning, we are suggesting all middle school students read this summer. Reading
opens many doors for children to learn about the world.

In order to make this program a success, we need your support. When you encourage your child to read
and visit the public library, you are helping him/her to build a store of knowledge, increase vocabulary,
improve comprehension and foster critical thinking skills (i.e. make inferences, draw conclusions) all of
which will result in higher grades in school.

If you have any questions over the summer, please contact Mrs. O’Farrell, Director of English at

Every eighth grade middle school student should READ THREE BOOKS (one non-fiction by student’s
choice, one fiction by student’s choice, and The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton - (8th grade students) or
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton - (8th grade HONORS students).

After reading three books, each student will choose ONE BOOK and create ONE PROJECT to present
what they learned in the last week of September.

Attached is the Summer Reading Project Rubric which the English teachers went over in class during
the last week of school. If you have any questions over the summer, please contact Mrs. O’Farrell, K-12
Director of English at kofarrell@whufsd.com.

Each project includes these story elements:
           Title and Author
           Main Character information (who were they? A brief description of character including
               items such as looks and character traits / personality)
           Setting
           Plot / Resolution (What was the main problem/plan/storyline/scheme of the story and how
               it was resolved?)
           Personal Review (Include likes and dislikes with reasons for both, what you learned from
               the book, how you connected to the character(s), would you recommend this book)

    You may choose ONE of these projects to present your summer reading of ONE book:
    Newspaper Pretend you are a reported for a newspaper. Create a newspaper at least one page in
     length. You will include in your news an article written as if you were a critic reviewing a book-
       include your opinion, likes and dislikes. In the rest of your paper, include your required story
       elements. The design should look like a newspaper.
      Comic Book Create a comic book based on your book. Each page should be set up in comic book
       format with illustrations and captions. Your comic book should retell the main idea s of the story
       including all of the required information.
      Three Artifacts Find three things from the book that are important to the story. Create an artifact
       for each of those things. The artifacts should help you retell the main idea(s) from the story. For
       example in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you could create a gold foil candy bar. You must
       also include at least a one page report with the required story elements.
      Television Reporter/ Video Create a video where you are a television reporter. You will be
       reporting the main story elements as if they were appearing on the local news as a real event. You
       must report on all of the required story elements. You must create a script with the story elements
       to follow. Dress up to look like a reporter.
      Board Game Create a board game all about your book. Design a game and all of the pieces
       needed so that your board game can be played. Include all story elements within the game
       illustrate your game board with characters or scenes from your story. If you are unable to include
       all of the required elements within your game, you may use the back of the game board or a
       separate piece of paper.
      Song Write a song (i.e. classical, hip-hop, rap, country, pop). Your song should retell the main
       ideas of the story including all of the required information.

We are proud to partner with the West Hempstead Public Library. Please consider joining or volunteering
for their summer reading programs: http://www.whplibrary.org/newsite/westhempstead_youngadults.php

The Together Book Club is an online club for kids and parents. Every month the Together Book Club
chooses one high quality upper elementary or middle grade book to discuss. Conversations are led by
children’s librarians and scholars who have participated in the New York Council for the Humanities. For
more information go to:

How would you like to win $10.00, free books, and other prizes? Please visit the following link for more
information about programs sponsored by Target, TD Bank, Barnes and Noble and others:

We thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy the summer!


The West Hempstead Middle School English Department

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