Tudor Timeline by 0CYvwr


									A Tudor Timeline
                                     1509. Henry VII
                1492. Christopher    died and his son
                Columbus             Henry VIII
                discovered           succeeded him
                 the West Indies     on the throne.

 1485               1490               1500

The War of the         1499. A plague
Roses ends. Henry      epidemic killed
Tudor wins and is      thousands of
crowned King           people in London.
Henry VII.
  Population of      1534. Henry VIII forms the
  Britain reaches    'Church of England'. Henry is
  2.3 Most live in   confirmed as 'Supreme Head
  towns.             of the Church of England.

  1520                   1530

1528. Henry VIII                    1535. The first
sacks Cardinal                      Bible printed in
Wolsey for failing                  English is placed
to persuade the                     in Churches.
pope to grant his
1536. Henry starts the    1545. The French attempt
Dissolution of the        to invade England and the
Monasteries.              Mary Rose sinks in
                          Portsmouth harbour.

1530               1540                   1550

                  1547. Henry dies    1553. Edward
                  and Edward Vl       dies and the
                  becomes king.       reign of
                  Many new schools    Queen Mary
                  and colleges        Tudor begins.
                                1585. England
                                and Spain at

 1550            1560            1580

1558.Elizabeth   1569.           1587. Queen
I begins her     Population      Elizabeth I
45 year reign.   of Britain      executes
                 3.2 million.    Mary, Queen
                                 of Scots
                                    1603. Queen Elizabeth
              1591. First
                                    I died. King James of
                                    Scotland becomes the
              of a play by
                                    first Stuart king of
                                    England. The end of
                                    Tudor period.

                         1590                  1600

1588. The Spanish               1600. First British
Armada fleet of Philip          involvement in the Indian
II of Spain attempts            continent. Population of
to invade England,              Britain just over 4 million.
but is defeated.                10% of the population lived
                                in towns.

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