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Standards of Learning by ae98A1i


									                                                                 VA FL Instructional Activity Template/2002

INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITY TOPIC: "French Overseas Departments and Territories"

Target Language:           French         German      Latin      Spanish
Target Level:              Beginning

SOL CORRELATION: (Note the Virginia Standards of Learning [SOL] addressed in this activity
English: 8.4, 9.4
History and Social Science: WG.1
Foreign Language:
              Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products - F1.8


Students will identify and locate French overseas departments and territories.


Resources should include the PowerPoint presentation with same title as topic of this lesson and
available under PowerPoint links, a print-out of presentation-slides 1-12.

Web sites


1.   Students will work in groups of 2.
2.   Each group will have a copy of slides 1-12.
3.   The students will work together to answer the questions asked on slides 3-11.
4.   Students will write answers on their paper.
5.   The teacher and the students will work together to find the French possessions on slides 12-18.
6.   Students will locate French possessions on slide 12 with their partner.


The teacher may give slide 12 as a stand alone assessment or include it on a test.
                                                               VA FL Instructional Activity Template/2002


This activity may be expanded by having students research a French possession or territory and create
a travel brochure to encourage tourism to the location. They may also create a newspaper that has
articles about important events in the history of the location. Ads for products of the area, coupons
for local products, or political cartoons representing historical or current events may be included.

Written by:                          Stephany Woodson
E-mail address:            
School:                              Lee-Davis High School
Virginia School Division:            Hanover County Public Schools

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